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I am getting nervous

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I had an appt. with Gastrointerologist on Tuesday.
THey said the cancer was contained in the rectom
,removed up to where decending colon comes down.

THe Doctor also thinks that my hoarseness has been from acid reflux, put me on aciphex, going to see if I can switch to nexium. If that dosent work he will do an upper GI. Been hoarse since operation in may.
It is now time for another colonoscopy. I am getting a little nervous about it, the prep that they use has changed, they say that there is no taste to it now, just have to wait and see.
I am scheduled for December 15th. just 10 days from christmas.
what can one expect from having colon cancer surgery and then another colonoscopy?
Scars and that sort of things?

Thanks for letting me sound off


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Hey Ladybug. Seems to be a common thing to get nervous before your first post-op colonoscopy. Just think positive... count on good results as an early Christmas present.

I've heard the new preps are much easier to take... please report back on how it goes for you.

I have acid reflux disease and a hoarse throat for many months before treatment. With treatment it is very manageable. I take Prevacid, which my daughter's gastroenterologist told me absorbs more acid than Nexium, which I used to be on.

Hang in there. Sending prayers and good vibes your way!

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Hi Ladybug,

I know exactly what you mean!!!!!!! My surgery was in January of this year and I had never had a colonoscopy!!!!!!!!! Long story, but only had flex sigs.

I just had my "virgin" one October 26th. The prep wasn't near as bad as I remember it from the flex sigs and the entire procedure was all on time and "easy". I even work up mid way thru and opted to watch the end of it (no pain at all and it was very interesting to see everything. I saw where my resection was done with it's obvious narrowing (after a foot is removed, yeah, I too had rectal cancer) and you could see some of the suture indentions. Other then that, the walls of my colon were just pretty and a wonderful pink/red color (not that ugly burgundy/greyish color my tumor had been).

I bet you do just fine!!!!!!

Oh and be cautous about prevacid, some people (small percent but I did) lose their hair when they take it. I took it about 3 years ago and within weeks, chunks of hair would come out in the shower every day, it was something. Ironically enough, I stopped taking it when I started chemo and my hair quit falling out.

Lisa P.

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I would also recommend being "conciously sedated". That is what I have always done, that way you can continue to talk to your doctor and can see what is going on, on the TV screen. You can expect to see the location of the resection. There are a couple of holes that you will see on either side, called "lumen". Those are where they reconnected your colon. My resection was in the Sigmoid colon so it probably looks different than yours, but you may still see these "holes" which are not actually holes, but scars. The doctor can show you this if you ask ahead of time. If they find a polyp and remove it you will have to come back in a year, otherwise you won't have to do it again for 3 years. At least that is my routine.
Well, good luck to you. Don't be nervous, it is really no big deal especially compared to surgery!
-Susan H.

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