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Hello everyone

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I hope your all doing and feeling good....
Duey has stopped his Chemo due to many side effects
Pimple like bumps all over his body
constant Diarrhea
constant nausea
Stomach cramps
very strong metal taste in his mouth
Hurt when he pee's
has trouble staying awake
His face and neck are bright red all the time like a very bad sunburn
Chest pain
numbness in hands and legs
Very bad mood swings to the point we are scared of him
and that's on only half dose of Chemo
Now I'm looking for alternative ways to help him
Thank you again for everything <3

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Hi LLLady & Duey,

OK. So the choice is made. Don't ever stop fighting the blasted beast. Look for new weapons (juicing comes to mind) and hope that the chemo at least did some good. You guys hang in there!

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Hi Lllady and Duey,
You have made your decision have no regrets,just do what you need to do . My best wishes are with you both and my hopes for a happy future,kindest regards Ron.

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I am sure it was a tough decision. I didn't get all my chemo either. I was too sick.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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