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Off to Mexico

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Hi Gang, just a quick note to let you know I am off to Mexico for some detoxing and alternative treatment. Dr's suggested i start back on chemo right away but I really wanted to get on a major health kick before i make any decisions. I will spend 3 weeks detoxing, changing diet and doing an alternative treatment that has had some level of success with metestatic cancer. I will fill ya in when I get back. This site is such a support system - thanks all for that. see you in 3 weeks.

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Good luck!

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Ahoy, Mark -

Gosh, bro, whenever I go to mexico I "TOX", I don't DE-tox! Guess that means no senoritas and margaritas, eh? Well,since you're looking to improve your diet, might as well stay away from those burritos, too!

You hang tough, my friend, and get yourself ready for the fight. If you need anything (you know, salt & lime), drop a line.

be well, Mark

- Sponge

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You will be in my thoughts and prayers every day!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Mexico...sigh...haven't been there in AGES! Although, like Bob, I really do the opposite of de-tox...and THAT would lead to who-knows-what at this point in my life...just LOOKING at salsa makes me run to the bathroom!!!!

I am sending big, strong, healthy vibes to you, dearheart. I truly do believe in the 3-prong fight: Traditional med, complementary med, and attitude!

Hugs, kathi

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Have a great three weeks and please fill us in when you return on what went on and how things are going. Good Luck!

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Mark, Best of luck


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Be sure to spend some time on those sunny beaches and soak up some Vitamin D for me!!! God speed!

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sounds like the Gerson clinic..no?

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