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renal cell carcinoma

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My spouse was diagnosed with RCC in March of 2006. Started taking Nexavar which shrank the tumers slightly in lungs, but nowhere else in the first 6 months(it has spread to the lungs,lympnodes and bones) We went to the Dr for leg pain only to find that the RCC had eaten most of the bone in the leg requiring to have a metal rod to be put in the leg to keep it from breaking.Just wondering if there are any good reports out there from the Nexavar users? We're needing some encouraging news

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I don't have this problem, but there is information at kidney-onc. This is an email list where others with this condition talk about things such as using nexavar. I am sure they can help answer your questions if you don't find them here. Good Luck!

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The website for the Kidney-onc is at http://listserv.acor.org/archives/kidney-onc.html

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