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localized recurrent osteosarcoma

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is there anyone out there that has a diagnosis of localized recurrent osteosarcoma that has not metasisized?

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Forgive my bad English.

Yours faithfully Dok Manomah.

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what do you mean? this material is currently unavailable

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Hi Todd, I know of one person off-hand who had a local recurrence of high grade osteosarcoma without mets...Allan. His story is here: http://tinyurl.com/yykzck . Out of all the stories at ABC Survivors, he is the only one in that situation (I searched them all for you). If you look in the low grade osteosarcoma section at the site where Allan's story is, you will see that Brian, Jill and Trista all had local recurrences without mets to the lungs.

If you don't mind my asking, do you have a recurrence, and how long has it been since your initial surgery? Did you have high grade or low grade osteo?

Take care, Mary

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sorry it took so long to respond. I had to have my right leg amputated and am now just fully able to ambulate. Yes, i have had a local recurrence. I have high grade osteosarcoma and it had been 27 months from my initial surgery.

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Hi Todd, I have had this happen to me. My second bout was misdiagnosed for almost nine years. I went from a grade one to a grade two. The radiation treatment destroyed the bone and I ended up loosing my leg. I have a prostesis and I live a normal life. I count my blessings because I know things could be a lot worse.

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Hi Todd,

I was diagnosed in 97 with and osteosarcoma to the lateral distal protion of my left femur. I went 9 years without a reoccurance the diagnosed in 06 with stage 2 breast cancer.

Today I am healthy and cancer free.

Cancer is managable. It's all about early detection, lifestyle and determination.


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