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taxotere and carboplatin

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Has anyone taken taxotere and carboplatin combination? are either alone? What side effects did you have? I am suppose to start the taxotere and carboplatin regiment and have heard bad things about taxotere. Would appreciate any input.

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i had 9 cycles of both, once every 3 weeks, lost my hair but nothing bad. I was given steroids for the nausea that I would take for 2 days after treatment. One lady that was on the same schedule did have a hard time with nausea but it eased up during the treatment.

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Hello Eleen, I just finished 8 treatments of Taxotere and Carboplatin. I did lose my hair, and it severely affected my blood counts, but they gave me shots for that. My oncologist told me that my nail beds would become painful, etc., but the only thing I've noticed is ridges on my nails, probably one ridge for each treatment. My CA-125 went from 249 down to 15 in the 8 treatments. And, this treatment was for a recurrence. Are you in recurrence, or is this new. I wish you much success, and I pray that it's puts you in remission! Take good care, MM

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I am on taxotere and carboplatin now. I just had my fourth treatment wed. I have had more nausea with this but not he pain I had with taxol. My counts actually went up this last time though and I'm not sure why. My first treatment though my face and chest got very flushed I guess from the steroids, second treatment extreme itching and my head broke out, but benedryl took care of that.
This a recurrence for me how about you?

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I had 6 rounds of both. Lost almost all my hair after first round and all that remained after the second. I had some nausea but not a lot. I had to had procrit injections and a transfusion though because I developed a seriously low white count. The first round made my whole body ache but then I was fine with all the others.

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I also took these 2 drugs. Had 7 doses. February was my last (2006) Had no problem w/ them. But the nuelasta, to raise my white cells was horrible. I asked not to have that but they gave to me anyway.. I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis.. And was actuallt looking forward for a remission from that w/ the chemo.. No way, as the white blood cells were rising hence my RA got worse.. I did however gat massive doses of decadron. A very potent steroid.. Made my ra better But gave me the red moon face.. I am still weanin off that.. I do have a full head of curly hair.. That was a surprise.. I have had 3 C scans and 3 Pet scans.. Both show no cancers, even though my Ca125 has risen a bit.. They think it is from inflamation from the RA.. Will have more blood work next week and I am a little nervous about the CA125... So dont worry about the taxotere and carboplatin.. Most get through it quite well.. Costipation can be a problem, if they give you kytrol for nausea.. Stock up on milk of magnesia.. That is what I used.. Good Luck and God Bless

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They used Carbo/Taxol in my first sessions (2000). Then for my recurrance (2006) I started Carbo/Taxol but was switched to Taxotere because I had an allergic reaction to Taxol. My side affects included loss of hair, loss of taste, horrible taste/sensation in mouth/tongue, low blood pressure, low blood counts (started oral iron supplements), weight gain, trouble sleeping, constipation (take Senna-S), occasional nausea (Zofran helped, but can give you a headache). I'm sure if I read my journal I'd remember other things, but I don't need to overwhelm you. Remember, everyone is different. And for 'most' of the nasty side affects there are some things that can help. Is this your first time? How many treatments will you have? Keep in touch so we know how you are doing.
Sending prayers and hugs your way. . .

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