Anxiety, Fatigue and Bowel Problems

I was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer in March and finished treatment which included 6 weeks of radiation with chemo once a week as well as internal radiation. My treatments were done by Memorial Day. I am still very anxious, tired and having problems with my bowel movements. I'm very frustrated and the doctors aren't able to say how long this will last.
I am not the same person anymore. Any advice?


  • 1jml
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    Unfortunately, it took me along time time to feel my normal self.
    I know how desperately you want to live your life as you did before you went though treatment. My bowel issues lasted at least a year....and to this day, I don't think they are normal. I can say that they have improved. Your body has been through alot. Give yourself time. Best wishes.
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    cervical cancer & bowel problems
    I was treated with both internal & external radiation & some chemo. I had uncontrolable diarea. They gave me loperamide 2mg. 2 pills every 6 hours & it worked okay. It is one year later now & I can't eat anything with fat in it. It is a problem trying to eat. If I eat the wrong thing I have problems again. Pepto Bismol helps. I read a couple of books by a woman dr. who had cancer & it was helpful. She said we have to find a "new" normal, like a person that has lost a limb has to. I get VERY depressed. You are not alone. I hope this helps a little.
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    Anxiety, Fatigue and Bowel Problems
    I had radical hysto. from C1 cervical with cyst, tumors, ad nausium in November 2006.I have a new normal. My diet includes more green veggies and apples, prunes and more water. Also smaller meals more often.This has helped. Have you read the ACS information on diet and nutrition? I try to move a muscle or two, even when I don't want to. Keep trying Queeny.
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    It takes time, I know it


    It takes time, I know it is hard to be patient with so much on the mind, make sure to rest, listen to your body, ease in to things, if you're tired sleep. For your bowel habits, have you tried Miralax? It has been a year since I've had chemo and I still have times things are tough, and still have days where I am exhausted, never mind the anxiety we feel from being diagnosed. Be good to yourself, you deserve it, remember you have been through alot. We all need to give ourselves big hugs!!!!