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What is this and how does it work. I have Stage 3C OC. Operated on in 10-05, 9 cycles of carbo and taxotere, back on chemo with carbo and gemsar. Does anyone know what this is and who can get it

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Hi Nan, I am going to answer both of your questions in this post. IPT is usually given with first line treatment. It administered into your abdominal cavity. I know a few people who have said they had it later but depends on the adhesions you have from surgery. Many of the woman can't make it through the whole 6 treatments but even those who have tolerated even two are said to have had better results than those of us who haven't had it.

Now the weight gain issue. I think most of the woman I've talked to have gained weight, unless you struggle with low weight to begin with or have a lot of bowel blockage issues. I think we becone become less active(understandable) and that is a large factor into it. Everytime I finish chemo it seems like I can start to lose weight. My nurse always said better to gain some than lose. I guess I was a good patient.

Pray this finds you doing well. Bonnie

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Thank you bonnie. I just found out that my doc is taking me off gemsar and carbo and putting me on doxil. I have read on here how great the results were but my doc said there might be heart damage. What about that

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Hi Nanaone. Some people get a MUGA test to check their heart before they are put on Doxil and everytime I went for my infustion my heart was checked. You are closely monitored and would think you would not be put on doxil or it would be discontinued if there was reason to believe it could permantly damage your heart. I read that the heart recovers after treatment is over. Ask your dr. more about heart damage that would be specific to your case. Good luck with your treatments.

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Nan, the leader of my support group was given her first chemo by IPT, and feels that it's one of the reasons she had such a good result. She went more than 10 years before having to have more chemo. Hers was the first treatment with that protocol in our area.

Also, about weight-I didn't lose any through my chemo, and was told not to worry about it then. I took a lot of liberties, drinking whole milk and eating other foods that I've avoided for years. I didn't gain any, but didn't lose any, either. I'm sure your doctor would give you the best advice about your weight. Of course, eating a good balanced diet is important, even if you don't have much of an appetite.

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