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thank you semi's

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well just came back from dr's office and he found a fissure. he is 99.9% sure that is causing the bleeding. he tested the stool and no blood in it.
the plan is colace to soften,water and more fiber
and cream to help heal. the more water the better for the colon. i know i was very upset last week because i thought the worst but i do appreciate the concern of the semi's.
be well
never ever give up!!!!!

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durn fissures are painful little stinkers!!!!!!

so glad that is "all it is"......

thanks for letting us know

Lisa P.

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I was thinking the same thing... we all jump and celebrate any diagnosis that is Non-cancer related. Great news! Thanks for sharing.


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Hi Bruce,

I'm glad that your worst fear was put aside with this dx. HUGS that it is something very fixable. Maybe you need to talk to KathiM to find out how she drinks so much water? I have trouble drinking enough too.

Lisa F.

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Great news, Bruce. Now relax and get healing! Judy

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Glad to hear that all went well .
Thanks for keeping us all posted .
Take Care and God Bless.

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Bruce -

So glad to hear things are OK. Sounds like agood plan to treat your fissure - make sure you lay off the red crayons, too!

Cheers, my friend

- Sponge

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