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Friend - Stage IV - Chemo Not Working

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My friend Nancy, Stage IV rectal cancer w/liver tumor found out last night that the current treatment she is on is not working and now is going to the pill form of FLOFOX. She has been on chemo for 1-1/2 years.

Has anyone done the pill form?

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Hi nudgie,
My mom, also stage 4, is taking Xeloda(oral form of 5FU.) I am not sure if this is what you are talking about?? My mom was first on FOLFOX-but didn't work. Her onc then switched her to the Xeloda with Avastin. So for that combo is working. Hope this helps.

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Hi Nudgie - I am also Stage IV and have just started taking Xeloda - it sounds like that is what they want your friend to try. I am just on my third time but so far the side effects have been very minor. I still have some tingling and numbness in my fingers and toes but doctor says that is left over from the oxaliplatin. I was taking 3000 mg/day but after last visit they upped it to 4000/day. I have just been doing that for a few days. I would be glad to talk to your friend - she can e-mail me off list. I was really apprehensive but it has not been bad at all. Would love to help if I can.


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Hi Nudgie,
Did you see my post below about the Irinotecan "beads". Maybe your friend can ask her oncologist if that is an option that she could try? I was never on FOLFOX, but I did Irinotecan. In my case they did some tests on my tumor and determined Irinotecan would work better for me. It is worth asking about.

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Hi !
Your friend has never been on Avastin ?

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