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Importance of Nutrition

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I know this site is great for discussing nutrition and it's relation to cancer. I want to give another reason to eat right.

A year and four months ago I hit rock bottom with nutrition. I was way overweight, ate a lot of bad stuff, and had a huge depression after going through my battle. More importantly, my blood pressure was ok, but my triglicerides were horribly high at 178 and I had borderline high cholesterol.

I picked up the book "beating cancer with nutrition" and my life changed forever. I was more concerned with cancer coming back than anything, but I have discovered that better nutrition in addition to excercize has changed it all.

I just went in for my annual exam and requested a full blood panel. When I called for results, they informed me that everything was "normal". To my disbelief I requested a copy thinking that they didn't test for it all. I figured I had brought my numbers down, but I didn't expect them to be normal.

When I opened the envelope, I was surprised to see that I had brought my triglicerides down to 81 (normal is 0-100). That is HUGE! Plus, I have remained cancer free and expect to remain cancer free.

I still have some goals to reach, but I will get it done through a healthy diet and excercise.

Thanks for letting me share!


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Trica, that is GREAT news. Nutrition is far more important that our doctors tell us. I used to worner if I had changed my eating habits would I have avoided a re-occourance. I won't allow my mind to go there because that is being negetive. It is difficult to cut out the sugars and rethink what we put into our mouths but the mental and physcial results is so positive it is worth the efforts. Keep up the great work.

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I was just thinking yesterday about how "easy" it's been to get to a good weight for myself by cutting out all sugar and dairy. Not that cutting those two things out was easy!!! I didn't even eat much sugar before my diagnosis, but because eating was so hard at times on chemo i got a bit lax on that. Anyway, if I had doen this years ago i never would have had to worry about those extra 5-10 pounds. I'm not even trying to lose weight, but all my clothes are getting too big!
Congrats on those great numbers. Great job!

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Thatis great news, Tricia. I know from experience as a physician that nutrition is not well taught to doctors. Most of what I have learned has been on my own and I still have a long way to go.


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As a result of my lessened colon, I had to take a good, long look at what I was eating. By reading the posts of the good folks here, I am proud to say that I am feeling great...AND, even tho I am on Tamoxifen for the subsequent breast cancer, I HAVE NOT GAINED WEIGHT (which, typically happens)!!!!

Great news...sigh...if we all just ate like mom says we should have...basic 4, fresh fruits and vegies, water...maybe...

Aw, no use looking back.

Hugs, Kathi

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