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What a downer!!

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My General Practitioner called me last night to get my prescription for Thyroid Medication renewed. She proceeded to tell me that my blood work "wasn't good". "You have some kidney problems, your blood pressure should be checked regularly, and Oh by the way I looked at your CAT scan and I want you to do an X-Ray immedately because there is a "node" involved.

Well I almost flipped. Every one knows that during Chemo you are monitored constantly. I have an excellent Oncologist who has been vigilant in viewing my blood work and tests throughout my Chemo Treatment regime. I was upset with the CT scan results and my oncologist told me that she would keep monitoring - told me to "relax and not worry--- go have a nice time in Florida".

Now my "regular" doctor has planted the seeds of doubt in my mind and I couldn't sleep last night - cried more than I have cried since diagnosis 1 year ago.

Why would my GP who admittedly told me once that she "didn't know much about cancer" suddenly see fit to call me and give me her opinion that I should be worried about the Lungs, kidneys, blood pressure etc?

I'm very "fragile' these days ..... don't need this because my nerves are shot!!

Anyone had a similar experience with their G.P.?

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Joyce -

UGH... Have you discussed your GP's call with your onc? Is the right hand of your care team talking to the left hand of your care team?

I'd call your onc soonest and get him/her in touch with your GP to consult.

Try not to worry, Joyce (easier said than done, I know)

- Sponge

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What really upset me is that my G.P. has never once during the past year seen fit to call me. All of a sudden she has decided to "give me advice". I did give her credit with heading me in the right direction in getting my treatment started. Now I think there is a sour grapes - jealousy?? thing going on between her and my "young female" oncologist. I did tell my G.P. on my last visit how much I admired my Oncologist.

By the way I also thanked my G.P. for being so great in acting so quickly in getting me into Cancer treatment.

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It sounds like the "team" isn't working. It is disheartening to get mixed messages. Tell your GP to get you the actual report. Try to get your previous scan reports and then compare them. There may be something mentioned on this report that could have been on previous reports. Be sure though to discuss the CT report again with your oncologist, mentioning what your GP said.


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I agree with both Bob and Dick, it sounds like petty jealousy to me! ESPECIALLY since your PCP has already admitted that she 'Doesn't know much about cancer'. Of course, things are going to be a little different for we survivors than other folks....my white count, for instance, is in the 'get some help' range, but my onc is not concerned, considering where it was.

I would, as Dick suggested, ask for a copy of the work that has your PCP so alarmed. Don't let it shake you, but maybe consider a long talk with her, cause after the 5 year NED mark (which, I am SURE, you WILL make easily) you will be under her care again. If you don't get the right answers, well consider changing NOW, while there is still someone who 'knows' you (your onc) watching your tests.

This makes me so MAD!!! She then has the GALL to tell you not to worry! I would be in her waiting room TODAY, and just sit there until she sees me...what a nut!!!!

Hugs, Kathi (obviously a very passionate bear...)

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Kathi: Thanks for the support. I have an appointment with my Oncologist on the 22nd November and plan to spill my guts on what my G.P. did to me. I've been thinking about it and am more and more convinced that my G.P. is just talking out of a hole in her head.
1) Of course my blood work will not be "normal" I've just completed 8 rounds of Oxi, 5Fu & luev. I also did 28 days of continuous Radiation with 5FU on a pump......go figure doesn;t take a genius to see that my blood work would be out of whack.

2) My G.P. saw my CAT scans and then said "go get an XRay immediately". Now i remember reading somewhere that CAT scan is far superior than XRay in seeing potentital cancer.

3) My G.P. has absolutely no bedside manner.

I'm going to "trust" in my oncologist and try and get another G.P.

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Oh Goodness! I just answered your first post. I think my CONGRATS stands though and like you said your GP doesn't know what she is talking about. I would trust your Onc too. Go relax in sunny florida!

Lisa F.

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It seems to me that your GP should have discussed these concerns with your oncologist rather than calling you! Obviously the two of them are not communicating and it is horrible that they have put all this undue stress on you right before you leave for Florida!
The thing about the x-ray is really bizarre, because you do not need an x-ray after a CT! X-rays are useless IMO. That was one annoying thing about being treated at MD Anderson. Their protocol required a chest x-ray no matter what, even though I was always going in for a chest CT! My onc. could do nothing because it was the hospitals requirement.
At any rate, as far as the "node" goes, of course that is going to cause you anxiety, but if your oncologist was not concerned then you just have to trust her until you can talk to her about it next week. Otherwise try calling her on the phone and asking her. Talk to one of her nurses if you have to! Personally, I would not be able to wait until next week. I would be calling, e-mailing, whatever I had to do to get some answers to put my mind at ease!
Don't just sit there and stew, get on the phone and get the answers you deserve.
Good luck,

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Joyce, I tend to agree with Susan. your GP sho8uld have contacted your Onc first. If you like your GP, then help her understand your needs. call her up and tell her that YOUR expectation is that she would discuss areas that she has concerns but not expertise with your Onc first and let her know how this news - unconfirmed and probabbly nothing to worry about is very upsetting the way she did not check this out first. If you like her I'd let her know what she had better do in the future. anyway, it is because of patients that she gets to drive her mercedes. Sorry you had to have that experience, but look at it this way. it aint true until you get it from a good so8urce and you do have the athority to dismiss and not thinik of this experience again. If Doctors got to experience some of what thire parients do, they would react differently

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Oh Joyce,

If some doctors, like your GP, had a clue what they can do to patients, I hope they would stop doing it. Talking to your oncologist (and then getting a new GP) sounds like the way to go. (I never heard anyone suggest an X-Ray AFTER a CT.)

Your GP in my opinion is almost being abusive by having called you out of the blue in this manner. If she had concerns, she should have first discussed them with your oncologist - I would listen to your oncologist and remember that your GP doesn't know that much about cancer, much less chemo. That would be true of most GP's and yours even acknowledged it.

Wish you weren't going thru this pain - hopefully the appointment on 11/22 will give you reassurance. Fill that Thyroid prescription and then start looking for a new GP!


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Call your onc tomorrow and at least talk to the nurse and let her/him know what is going on. They will be able to let you know before your office visit so that you won't worry until then. They want their patient to be relaxed and enjoying a vacation. jams

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I've already talked to my Onc nurse, she was the one who relayed the message from my Onc Doc that I "wasn't to worry".

I would really, really like to tell my General Practitioner to "go take a hike"....but unfortunately it is almost impossible to get a G.P. here in Canada. I would end up having to go to a Clinic or the Emergency Room at the hospital.

I guess I will just have to "suck it up" and try and develop a thick skin when I deal with her.

She was very good and moved at lightening speed to get me the best colon rectal surgeon and Onc Doc. For this I am grateful...I just wish she had a better "bedside manner", because she comes across as a very "cold fish".

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Hi Joyce.

I agree with the others about the x-ray. My husband is in the field and said that an x-ray would not show node involvement. Getting an x-ray after a CAT scan is like taking a step back.

Sound's like you should see if you can find another GP.


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Yes, this sounds very fishy to me. First of all, from the moment you were diagnosed, your oncologist is responsible for your health issues, most of all the cancer. That's what oncologists do. They are specialists in cancer. GPs are responsible for general overall health. They really don't specialize in anything. Your oncologist is probably more trained in reading CAT scans than your GP is. I'm positive your oncologist would have told you if there was something she saw on the scan. I agree with everyone else. Call your oncologist and tell her about what happened. Then ask for the report for your own records.

God bless,


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Hi Joyce..Canadian GP's are complete ***'es for the most part...they make mountains out of mole hills to make themdeves feel important...I've got some eye opening stories to tell you..bbut really just focus on what the "expert" (your oncologist tells you...keep well!!!

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