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Besides the "Patrick Quillin" book...

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Hello Online Family,
Mary from WI here just writing to say "hi" and that I hope all of you and your family and friends are all safe, happy, and well today and everyday! ; )

I hope you all realize that even though I am not physically "writing" on this website everyday; that "all of you and your friends and family" are in my thoughts and sincerest prayers always and forever! (CAN YOU GIVE ME AN AMEN, PEOPLE!) HA! HA!

(as I totally tear-up as I'm writing this... I'm such a sap!) ; )

Anyway, I was also wondering... I am planning on getting my mom that "nutrition" book by Patrick Quillin however...

Can any of you recommend any other books pertaining to nutriton, juicing, etc...? I would like to take this information to her follow-up appt. with her oncon. this coming Wed. and see what he recommends as well.

Yeah, this follow-up appt. is the appt. after my mom has been on the FOLFOX regimen for 12 treatments. Stage IV colon cancer still with tumors in her liver and lungs so...

I think my mom has been a bit depressed lately; because she just really wants those other tumors "gone" so she can hear the word "remission".

Everyone, please keep my mom and our family in "your" thoughts and prayers as we see what our next venture is going to be with this terrible monster, k?

Love Always,
Mary from WI

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Hi Mary,
In case you do not recall, this is Susan, I am a 36 year old Stage IV survivor. My case is a little different than your mothers in that I was able to have my liver met and 2 lung mets surgically removed. I can imagine the anxiety your mother must feel and the desire for those buggers to be "gone"!
There are many aspects of nutrition that your mother can implement to help her body to heal itself. Luckily for me, my oncologist is of the open minded variety and she referred me to a N.D. in Seattle who specializes in cancer patients.
Most oncologists, however, are not really on that wavelengh from what I understand. So your mother may have to go it alone.
However, I don't know why any doctor would be adverse to her improving her nutrition and at a minimum could refer her to a clinical nutritionist.
There are many good books out there besides just the Patrick Quilin book. There are several dietary theories that she can try.
For juicing, I have a book called Dr. Jensen's Juicing Therapy which is quite good (by Dr. Bernard Jensen).
Personally I follow a Low GI (glycemic index) diet similar to a diabetic. I feel that we Americans have way too much sugar in our diets. Whether or not your doctor believes that removing refined sugar from the diet can reduce the spread of cancer or not, it is simply good nutrition to have your mother stop eating white flour, white rice, white bread, white sugar, and so forth!
There are many good books relating to the Glycemic Index.
One is the New Glucose Revolution, another is the South Beach Diet.
Another theory, which I find fascinating is the connection between inflammation and cancer. When I was diagnosed the trials were going on to determine whether inhibiting the Cox-2 enzyme would prevent colon polyps and/or recurrences. My tumor tissue was sent off to the University of Oregon and it was determined that my tumor was Cox-2 dependant. Therefore, in theory, if you supress the Cox-2 enzyme you can supress the tumor (by preventing blood supply to tumor).
There are many things you can do nutritionally to prevent inflammation and supress the Cox-2 enzyme. One good book is called Win the War Within by Dloyd Chilton, Ph.D. Another is the Perricone Plan. Another possibility is just to take Celebrex, which I do in addition to nutrition, but probably not recommended for older folks due to increased risk of heart issues.
Finally there is the idea of eating and alkaline diet. It is believed that if the body becomes too acidic it can be a safe haven for cancer cells. There are books about this as well, just Google acid/alkaline diet.
Basically, the closer to nature you eat the better and the less refined, processed, preserved food the better off you are.
I also firmly believe that your mother should be on a variety of supplements. Go ahead and ask your doctor if he/she can refer your Mom to a Naturopath...
Finally I strongly believe in mind over matter. If your mother believes that she will be OK, she will be. I know a lady who has inoperable tumors and is living a full life 8 YEARS later! She is "stable" as they say.
Good luck and sorry for being so long winded, but hopefully that gets you started,
Take care,

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Really great post, Susan. I agree...One may not find a lot of oncs to really adhere to a nutritional approach. Mary, I think the alkaline appraoch is really logical and makes sense. it is easy to follow and will not confuse your mom. Any good health food store will have paperwork or one can Google 'alkaline diet' and 'cancer prevention'. Also...Just Google 'juicing' and 'cancer prevention' and there will be a load of info... Allt he best to you and our mom!! Take care - Maura

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Hi Mary,

I think it would be very wise to get the book for your mom. If you don't want to buy it, you can borrow it from your local library (that's what I did). It is a great book. The naturopath that my dad went to pretty much confirmed most of the things that were written in the book. I don't know too much about juicing. The ND said that if my dad wants to juice, it's fine, but it wasn't one of the things she prescribed for my dad. I still would like to get my dad to do it. Some of the main things she told my dad to do was cut out the sugar, white flour products, enriched products (i.e., pastas and bread, etc...). She also recommended that my dad eats lots of dark green lettuce, nuts, and fish. She told him to substitute dairy milk with almond or rice milk. She prescribed some supplements also. If you want more info., feel free to e-mail me. Praying that your mom's tumors shrink to nothing!!!

God bless,


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Hi, your dad is doing almost the same diet we came up with my husband. What kind of supplements is he taking? We weren't quite up for the juicing, but have eliminated meats, white stuff, most oil, dairy and eggs.

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Hi Mary:

My favs are:
1. Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil
2. A Cancer Battle Plan by Ann and David Frahm

The Patrick Quillin book is full of good information, but it is one of THE WORST editted book I have ever read. So be prepared :)


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These are my favs too that Ying listed. I would like to add:

The Maker's Diet by Dr. Jordan Ruben

I think his book has some of the best intestinal information out there regardless if you plan to follow his dietary recommendations.

i also want to underscore the importance of both alkallizing your mother's diet and reducing inflammation. I personally agree with many "experts" that inflammation may be the cause of most disease--and that most disease starts in the intestines.

It is quite simple to alkalize one's diet through juicing--you're getting optimal nutrition in an easy to assimilate form. And the live enzymes are the secret weapons.

From what I have researched cancer lives in an acid environment and cannot be sustained in an alkaline one. Sugar is acid forming as is meat, white flours etc. That's one reason to get off all those foods.

I also recommend Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch and Balch

The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson

hope this helps.

peace, emily who was just declared CURED yesterday at her 5 year colonoscopy!! woohoo!

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Ahoy, Mary da CheeseHead!

(I can't BELIEVE Green bay won last weekend... UGH)

Anyway, another book to consider - aside from the nutrition books - is "Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul". It's a great read for not only the survivor but caregivers as well. It will give you a true glimpse inside your mom's head.


- SB

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Also, "The Journey Through Cancer", Jeremy Geffen. A book about the total body healing experience with cancer...

Hugs, Kathi

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