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Stopping Treatment - Thoughts

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I have posted on this, but would like more insight and advice. Short version of history: DX on 7/06 with Stage IIa NO/MO colon cancer. Tumor removed by surgery. Was told by Onc Doc that the FLOFOX Regime would be for insurance purposes in my case and help with survival rate, so I decided to do it. I began the FLOFOX treatment on 18 August 06. Treatments would be every other week for 12 treatments (6 months). As of 3 November I have had the following: Too much tingling in hands, feet, face, lips, tongue, had to have lungs and heart checked due to side effects, was in the ER due to a side effect with WBC booster shot of Neulasta and an allergic reaction to the Oxy drip. FLOFOX treatment was reduced by 20% across the board before 20 October, so the allergic reaction I had on 3 November was from the reduced dosage. Since I will not be getting the booster shots due to the side effect, my every other week treatment would probably turn into a 3/4 week treatment and don't know if the effectiveness would be worth it or even the side effects could be worse, don't know.

I am due for another treatment on 17 November, but am 99.9% I won't get it due to low WBC count, so I would be asked to return on 24 November.

At this point in time my mind is telling me to stop, but my husband does not want me to and it is hard trying to explain to him how the side effects are effecting me and how the future treatments will depend on my counts. My friends also think I should continue, but I am pretty sure my body and mind are telling me I have had enough. I have not spoken to my Onc Doc about this yet, because I already know what's he is going to say, due to clinical trails, studies and stats, the survival rates due increase, but they don't really give or provide enough information on how many Stage II patients were involved in the trails, etc. I am waiting on Vinny3 to provide me with the information he found.


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