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Hello everyone. I posted on this website back in June of 2006. My liapse enzymes were in the 700's and amylase in the 500's, CA19.9 went into the 80's. On its own back in SEpt.21, 2006 all enzymes went back to normal with the exception of the CA19.9 which went down to 44. I had an MRCP back in JUly which was normal. An upper endo which was normal as the GI got a great look at the
ampulla. I had an MRI of the abdomen which was normal. And a petscan which was normal. I cannot complain. Although I do not often post on thi site I am a colon cancer survivor going on 3 years. It was a locally advanced adenocarcinoma staged at 4 with 8/20 lymph nodes postive. My oncoligist sent my labs out for 2 consecutive weeks in a row and they now show the lipase,amylase and CA19.9 on the rise again.
Lipase in the 300's, amylase 195 and CA19.9 on the rise in the 70's. He is very baffled as yet I have no symptoms of what could be causing this. The only problem I am having is severe upper back muscle spasms which are horrific. I have no abdominal discomfort at all. I don't know what he is going to do now. I go for a blood count on Thursday. Your friend Fran.

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HI, I do not get on this site often myself, it is funny how that works, when you are feeling great you don't really come here but then when you have a disaster you need help bad and look for advice. I don't know if you will read this or not since it has been almost four months since you posted this. I hope you are doing well, and if the doctor cannot find anything I pray this means that you are just doing good and that is that. I have heard that people have Bone Scans done to rule out the possibility of cancer going to the bone. that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read your posting. Of course you may have already had a discussion with your doctor about this or may have already had the procedure, anyway, I am just a regular man who had Pancreatic-Ampullar of Vader-Cancer, so I don't have any basis for my advice other then that. Hope you are doing well. Bye now. Jim