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Paying for chemo?

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Fellow semi-colons-

I'm a frequent visitor to the semi-colon group, but have not done much posting. I battled colon cancer last year and am one year out from finishing my chemo. This past week has been a difficult one, as my brother was dx with rectal cancer. As if that's not bad enough news, he also does not have insurance. The hospital doing a wonderful job of setting him up with financial assistance for the doctor bills, however, they've told him he's probably going to have to pay for the chemo drugs.

I know first hand how expensive chemo drugs are and I'm wondering if anybody has information on who to contact for help with financial aid for chemo. In looking back at my medial bills, the biggest portion was the chemo drugs.

~ Wendy

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Call the ACS...you know...1-800-ACS-2345....

I had a friend, same situation. He got hooked up with a clinical trial that paid for everything...they can at least give some guidance for your brother.

Also, sometimes the drug guys will do a 'freebie', depending on the situation. Ask his docs about this, too....

I am sending big, strong, healthy vibes to you both....

Hugs, Kathi

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Kathi makes a good point. I believe Astra Zeneca has that reduced cost/grant program. Definitely check with the drug companies.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Let me know if there is anything I can do...call anytime if you need to talk. Sending big prayers and good thoughts your way.

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Hi Wendy -

I am sorry to hear about your brother. It wasn't an issue for me, but in a casual discussion with my oncologist about the woes of today's medical / insurance system, she mentioned that my hospital (being non-profit as are most) has to take in a certain number of "charity" cases and that it is possible to get chemo in that way (just not in the doc office). You might push harder for details about that. There is unfortunately the squeaky wheel theory - too bad it works, but worth you trying (in spite of what your brother's hospital told him).

Take care,

Also, does he qualify for Medicaid? Worth checking.

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