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confused and nervous

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hello all semi's
i am so confused and nervous.
yesterday i passed blood in my stool, first time since my journey started. i have beed ned since 5/2004. last ct scan 7/06 was clear. last colonscope 12/05 was clear. i called my onc office and no one was there i guess it is a holiday today. the sec called back and she said the dr told me to go to the surgeon. i didn't understand that. i called the onc to see if it is a recurrance of colon cancer. i than called the gastro dr and he was not there, he was in hospital and i have an appointment on wed. whom should i go to first i am confused i think i should see the gastro dr first so he could do a scope??
i know there are different reasons for blood in the stool but because of my past battle with the dragon i want to make sure. has anyone of you semi's had a recurrance of the beast.
i am a little nervous and any advise is welcome.
be well

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Hi Bruce,

I'm so sorry that you are having this scare. First---Deep Breath. This might be something very simple like babs said hers was. You did the right thing with calling someone right away. If it was me, I would go to the person I had the most confidence in. Or the one I can get in to see the soonest. The wait is always the hardest because we tend to think the worst. Your cat scan was not that long ago. HUGS and many good vibes. I'm sure it is not the beast but like others have found out, it is "canceritus". It is the nature of the disease to think everything is cancer. It does make us vigilant with all our aches and pains. I think it also makes us like a reformed smoker. We tend to nag others about getting THEIR aches and pains checked too.

Lisa F.

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Hi Bruce -

I am sorry you are going thru this - probably just hemorroids (you don't always know you have them).

The best plan sounds like the one you already have in place. Seeing the GI doc is the right thing to do (surgeon? HUH?????). I know Wednesday seems like an age away, but it will be here soon. With any luck you will have some reassurance on Wednesday. It seems very unlikely with a clear colonoscopy 10+ months ago, that a tumor large enough to bleed could be present.

Thinking of you,

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Hi Bruce,

It is always worrisome when you see blood but as the others have said there are many reasons, other than cancer, that can cause it. I would recommend seeing a doctor who can do a definitive test for you. That would not be the oncologist. It would be the gastrointestinal doctor or the colorectal surgeon.

Good luck and try to relax.


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Hi Bruce.

Sorry for the scare. I've had a couple myself and they can be very nerve racking!

My first thought would be to call the surgeon. He happens to be my colorectal specialist as well. And I feel he knows my insides a whole lot more than the oncologist.

You probably already know that they are going to do some sort of test to make sure everything is fine. And that is usually the colorectal guys department.

Deep breaths. Try not to get too worked up. (we all know that is very difficult)

I would call your colorectal guy (gastro) on Monday and just discuss it with him. Go from there.

You'll be in my prayers, Bruce. Everything will work out.


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(In my best mom's voice) So, have you eaten anything naughty? Like popcorn????? And did you chew WELL???? Or just wolf it down????

I agree with everyone that the GI guy would be my first choice. Mine happens to be a lady, and she started out life as an oncologist. She had done my colonoscopies, and 'knows' me best.

She warned me, interestingly enough, about internal hemorroids cause of the pushing sometimes resulting from strong urges. These usually 'live' inside the anus/rectum area, and never peak their little heads out. I have an external one, too, that I got from delivering my first daughter...gave me HECK after the resection---the surgeon had a special instrument to put the 2 pieces back together, which he then had to get out thru, you guessed it, my anus....YIKES!!!

Anyway, hollow as it may sound...try not to worry...it does nothing to change anything. Just use this as a way to get ANOTHER clean bill of health!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I was just wondering why these things seem to always happen on Fridays or holidays? jams

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Bruce -

Loads of good advice here from your friends...

Bright red blood? Or dark?

Been under some stress?

Eating right? You didn't munch on a red crayon did you?

Last scope was

You did the right thing by making those calls. Certainly get it checked out, but don't lose sleep over it for now. (I know, easier said than done!) Monitor thingsbetween now and Wednesday - if it continues and gets worse, consider going to the ER.

Be well, my friend.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Bruce,

Of course you are worried and nervous, but hopefully, it will be something that is easily explained as nothing to be worried about.

Sending prayers and support you way on Wednesday.



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