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Post Renal Cell Cracinoma Surgery Pain

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I had my left kidney removed in 2002 ( full left radical nephrectomy ) and ever since I have had pain at incision site, low back pain, pain in groin area, and pain in left leg. I have had steroid injections and am taking pain meds. with little relief from pain. If anyone has had or is still having pain similar to mine please reply and tell me what you are doing to relieve your pain. Thanks.

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Hi kewt! I am so glad you posted this because I had a full nephrectomy on my left side last year and I am having the same type of pain that you are. I had a CT scan done and it showed a hematoma where my kidney was (explains the pain at my rib cage). As for the other pain.... my surgeon (not the doctor that did my nephrectomy) said it is probably nerve damage and that since I still have that pain and it has been over a year chances are it will not get much better and I will have to learn to live with it. I too have had injections on my left hip/thigh which did not help. If you have any luck getting rid of your pain please let me know! Thanks!

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I had the full 12" shark bite for left nephrectomy September 5th. 2006, and came round looking like an industrial packaging experiment that had gone wrong due to all those metal staples!

I had also been denervated during the op. (accidentally).
It is probably a good job I had lost the nerves in a way as I rapidly developed HAI and managed to rot out the wound, the size of a small tennis ball along side the spine in the muscle base.

Sorry to bore you but this left me with pain in the left blade of my pelvis - may I suggest a TENS machine (look up TENS on google), they are NOT expensive and if they work for you they are worth their weight in gold - if it does not help you can give the machine, with residual batteries, to a charity home or hospice.

Good luck and I hope a TENS works to aid solve the problem/challenge.

Greg L-W.

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I had my left kidney removed about eight weeksa ago and the pain in my lower back is agonizing at times. It helps to know that it's not just me. Good luck to you friends.

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