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Surgery or Radiation for a Stad III B ??

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Hi Agsain,

I donno if some of you will remember me.
My father after a 9 sessions of the Chemo. WE did our 2nd PET and we had a good improvement in the intensity of the Tumor but ther volume is still the same.
So our Onco has decided to switch to Radiation.
our Radiation Dr said that I have 20 % chance .

By chance somebody told me abt a very good well known surgeon in our region ( the best in Onco surgeries). And his reply was very positive!!! And that we have a big chance to a surgery.

So I am waiting his final decision after a comittee meeting if we will do the surgery!!!

Any feedback from any of you ???

Thanks for your help!!!

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Hi basco,

I remember your name, but I have a tendency to forget each person's case.

In any event, you have options and that's better than nothing!

It seems to me from reading survivor stories that surgery is one of the best options as the tumor itself is removed. But I gather it's important to find a surgeon who can remove the tumor with as minimal of incisions as possible, so your ribs aren't broken or removed.

I've also heard good advantages with PROTON THERAPY, which has pinpoint accuracy of targeting tumors while not damaging healthy cells. You might want to ask any of your father's doctors about it.

Good luck to your father!

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Thanks a lot of info!!!

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Hi. This is a copy of my post to anotherperson on the board. It is my experience, and may give you another perspectieve. Depending on the size and location of your tumor, you may not need radiation prior to surgery. But here's my story...I'm a five year survivor of NSCLC, stage 3a. I was diagnosed as inoperable/incurable. That meant that, as presented, on the day of diagnosis, I was inoperable/incurable. My oncologist sent me to be evaluated by a thoracic surgeon, who determined what needed to be done to make me operable and possibly curable. With aggressive chemo and radiation, the tumor was reduced by 75%, and surgically removed. I am now five years out from surgery, and I am cancer free.
I wish you the best, and my prayers are with you.

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I remember we talked about Tarceva. Did they ever use Tarceva with your dad? I just had a scan, still cancer free. They say they will stop the Tarceva after 2 years, August 2007. Did the tumors shrink any?

Stay positive,


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