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Scared out of my mind

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Well, it's 5:30 in the morning and I haven't been to sleep yet. At 4:00 in the morning the night before I was having so much stomach pain that I husband took me to the ER. I have been to two doctor visits in the last six weeks complaining of nausea, bloating and stomach pain, but last night it seemed worse. After cat scans, ultrasound, and various lab tests and many others, the ER doctor informed me I have a atypical enlarged ovary (5 centimeters) and set up a gynecologist for me to go to as mine has retired. Last month my dear neighbor passed away from ovarian cancer after two years of contant chemo, so I have become well aware of what this was all about. I am just terrified. I'm not sure what atypical means. She said the ultrasound showed no cysts, which made me even more scared. Does anyone know if I am overreacting or if this could be something I don't need to worry about as much?

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I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. It is understandable for you to be scared. Whenever you are told that you have an abnormality it is easy to think the worst. Atypical just means that the ovary is not normal. Have they done a CA125 test? When you see the gynecologist that would be one of the first things I would ask. Just remember that a high reading doesn't always mean that you have cancer but it can give them a marker to go by. I wish you the best and see a gyno as soon as you can so you can get busy getting answers! Best of luck!

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Cindy, so sorry to hear of all your worries. Understand why you are afraid and maybe as Jami said asking for a CA125 blood test may put your mind at ease. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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You've already gotten the first point of action (the gyn appointment) made to resolve what's wrong, so take some comfort in that. You might want to make a list of any gynecologic trouble you know of in your family (including your own) before your appointment, and see if you can have your records with the retired doc sent to the new one.

I don't think you're overreacting, but you'll probably feel better if you feel more in control, and making efforts on your own part to get the best treatment and to make the best decisions.

My family's health history was a mystery to me until I was diagnosed and started digging (after my cancer diagnosis). My cousin's wife is my best source, and I have a wealth of information that she has passed on to me now; if your parents are alive, that would be a great place to start. Because I had given somewhat murky information to my doctors, I've had to update them with what I've learned. Your father's side of the family is as important as your mother's when it comes to your health history, because he supplied half of the genes, so include the paternal family, too. I don't have any of my mother's family history because she was an orphan, but my dad's side had/has a lot of "female trouble"...

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You've received a lot of good advice from everyone. I would just add that if you don't get any conclusive answers from this gynecologist or are not satisfied with what he/she suggests, seek out a gynocologic oncologist.
Keep us up to date.
Hugs and Prayers.

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