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Hi everyone, I have a question. Is Avastin usually given for stage 3c colon ca? It seems most only have it for stage 4.
P.S. Thanks also for your concern and prayers with my Mom's passing.

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Avastin is usually given to people with stage IV colon cancer, but I know that it is being used in clinical trials for individuals with stage II and III. I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. Did she have colon cancer? You are in my prayers.


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I'm stage 2 and receiving Avastin and Folfox. My onc said that as long as I am going to get chemo I should attack with the strongest treatment. That being said, I am thinking of stopping. That is a separate post.


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I'm stage III and I received Avastin for 1 year as part of a clinical trial.

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