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CP 4 video ~ Halifax NS, Canada

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Well another palooza has come and gone. It was a real pleasure for Andy & I to host Colon Palooza 4 in beautiful Halifax NS and to be able to share some good down east hospitality with our friends.

Copy,Paste & Enjoy.


Lisa Rose

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Hi Lisa,

What a wonderful video. Thanks so much.

Sure looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!!

Is it me, or does everyone have a beer in just about every picture????? :)

Thanks again,

Love ya all,


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"Yes, they/we do." (lol)



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Lisa Rose,

Give my best to Andy and Andrew! This video is awesome!

I definitely want to get on the wagon to Nashville in Oct. '07. Can't wait....

Thanks so much for all your hard work and friendship.



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Lisa, my Canadian sister,

WONDERFUL job as usual! Andrew has captured the events and locations of CP4 with great accuracy. You are a great hostess and friend. You made me wanna be back at the Lower Deck with my little drummer boy! All good fun!!

You have once again proven that a Colon Palooza is not a crying pity party. It's a full-blown-laugh-til-it-hurts CELEBRATION of good health and good friends.

Hugs to you, Andy and Andrew for making this such a great experience,


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Lisa -

Once again, Andrew has done a great job! Kudos to him. It is so wonderful also how CSN supports these events the way they do - a big tip-o'-the-hat to Greta, Jose and Dana!

Looking forward to seeing you guys in nashville - assuming I'm not at sea...


- SB

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Thanks, Lisa, Andy, and Andrew for so wonderfully capturing "the moments!" What an awesome place and experience. I don't think I have ever laughed so much and then laughed so much again just reliving the experience in my mind. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Much love,


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Lisa, you and andy and andrew are the best... love the video!!

Makes being a semicolon that much better!! Thanks for including all of us that weren't able to go... can't wait for the next one. jana

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Great video. Thank you for sharing! Andrew did a fabulous job. Can't wait for Nashville!

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