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Lung cancer at stage 4 (continue)

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Remember me? I posted my messages few weeks ago about my dad's situation and got a lot of helps here. I am now in China with my family. My dad finished his second round chemo and we are waiting for a test in 3 weeks. However, there is a really bad news about his situation. The MRI shows he has a lot of spots on his spine and doctors warn us that it is very dangerious. So he will start radiation next Monday. Althoug he still does not have any symptons, I am so nervious. Sometimes I feel so hopeful that miracle might happen, but most of time I am so depressed because I will lose my dear dad at any time. I could not image what my life would be without my dad.

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I'm glad you can be there with him. That has to help him.

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Hi: Please keep believing in miracles because they can and do happen..in the meantime try to look on the bright side that your Dad has no symptoms..let us know how the radiation goes.
Take care

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We went to the hospital today and the doctor told me that there are at least four severe damaged spots on my dad's spine. She said she can do the most severe one this time. The others have to wait until he feels the pain. Is it normal?


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as oneagleswings said, please do keep on believing in miracles, because they DO happen. You have to keep your hope and your faith strong... hang in there, susan. we're all here to support you and your family. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

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