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Grandmother has Stage IV Esophageal Cancer

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My grandmother has stage IV esophageal cancer. She is 69 years young. I am worried because the doctors want to start a low dosage of chemo and radiation therapy. The cancer has metastized and is now in most parts of her body including her spinal column. I need some information about laetrile and where I can purchase it since it is illegal in the U.S. I also would like information the survival rate for someone her age who has this advanced stage of cancer, If only chemo and radiation therapy is used.

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Hey there,
I think at any age someone can be strong enough to get through cancer, A friend of the family did it and she was about your grandmas age. My dad is 49 and was diagnosed witha stage 4 esophageal cancer and he wasnt in the best of health but with prays of so many friends and family he made it through. At a stage like that not many people can get through it. I think with prayers and blessings your grandma can make it through... Just let her know not to give up.

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My husband (65) has stage IV esphageal cancer. He is having trouble with his platelets therefore he doesn't get regular chemo. He has had 28 radiation treatments and 6 chemo. The chemo has been spread out over 4 months. Please let me hear something encouraging from someone who has the same cancer, stage IV. He has lost about 80 pounds.

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