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I have not been here for a few years now. Hello again to Bud, Emily, Stacy. Any word from Sponge Bob in recent times? last I heard he was at sea. Glad to see that you are all going strong. I am now at 5 years and 4 months since the knife and the chemo and remain well with no recurrence. I hope this is an encouragement to all.
I'm afraid that like the couple in the new waterbed, we drifted apart over the last while. So here I am again. Greetings again from Ireland and many blessings to you all. Vincent.

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Hi Vincent,
Your story is indeed an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Don't feel bad about not being on here for a while. You deserve to get on with your life and do other things besides sitting at the computer worrying about all of us! Congratulations. Sounds like you are in the clear to me!
Take care,
Susan H.

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Hi Vincent,
Congratulations.. your story is an ispiration for me I am a Stage IV survivor of 3 yrs and 4 mos.. I love to hear from someone who has reached that 5 yr mark.

Gail in PA

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vincent congratulations. Can you please tell me your story. I've just finished chemo stage III rectal 2 lymph nodes involved. I'm really scared that I might have a recurrence and love to hear any story of encouragement as I continue my journey.

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Hi Vincent -

Thanks for coming back and sharing your inspiring story - I'd love to hear more. I was Stage IV, am 17 months since the knife, 14+ months NED and 11 months since last chemo. Stories like yours keep me going.

Thanks for writing,

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I am so happy to hear from you! I, too, reached my 5 yr, mark last month. I tend to worry about those I haven't heard from in a while, glad I can put you back on my "safe list"!

Hugs, very big ones!

Stacy, who learned a few Irish tunes in Halifax this past October at Colon Palooza 4!!!

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Lisa Rose
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So wonderful to hear that everything is well with you. Congratulation's on that 5 year magical milestone.

Also Stacy learned much more then just a few irish tunes in Halifax. If you would like to see a few pics from CP4 in Halifax just send me your e-mail address through this site. Also the below URL is a dedication I made for Stacy and played at CP-4 as part of her 5 year celebration. Just copy, paste & enjoy.


Lisa Rose

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It's been a while. Good to hear you are doing well and reached that magical 5 year mark!! Hooray!

Check out the web site: www.colonpalooza.com

You can see what has been happening!!

Good to hear from you and glad all is well.

Take care and don't stay away so long!


Posts: 86
Joined: Dec 2002

Stacy, You were beautiful when I was here before ( I think I told you so at the time) and you're still a beaut. Stay well, Blessings,

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Hi and welcome back!! Hmmm, waterbed analogy - you fit right in!! No surprise you are asking about spongebob! :)

Congratulations about NED!! Wonderful news.. everyone here needs stories like yours. Thank you for coming back to share.


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Hello, Vincent...
Ireland! I forget sometimes that we ARE from all over!!!

I can't remember if 4 months ago I did my dance...but, just in case....



My dad spongebob is fine...had dinner with him last week...just as full of vim and vigor as ever! He has been in school...tough semester.

Hugs Kathi

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Vincent! My dear Irish friend!

It has been too long... I was very concerned that something may have happened to you. Still here - went to sea for a couple of years, came back to DC, gearing up to probably go back to sea next summer, although this time as the captain.

Drop me your e-mail on the CSN e-mail system and I'll fill you in on the happening of the past couple of years.

Glad you're back and doing so well.


- SpongeBob

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