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Scan Today

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Remember me? Stage IV NSCLC. Today is my third pet scan which is coming after my second cancer treatment (docetaxel, cisplatin and avastin) and my third treatment in general (when they thougt it was something else).

I am not thrilled. Who would be? I can feel my cancer. I know its not gone and I suspect it has progressed. I won't get the results until Monday when I go for another treatment.

I guess it would be nice to hear about people who have responded to chemo, or only responded to 2nd line.

I hope all of you are doing well.


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I just had a Hybrid PET/CT scan on Monday the 1st. I had similar treatment, Carboplatin, Taxol and Tarceva. I was able to get my results the same day. The results were great, NED for the fourth time. What you feel may be the cancer leaving your body, Lets pray that is the case. Plan on being thrilled on Monday. My story is posted here just put ernrol in the search widow at the top then click on ernrol at the right. If I can answer any questions let me know.

Stay positive,


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How in the world were you able to get the PET/CT scan results on the same day of the test? What kind of strings did you pull? :)

I tried my best to schmooze my way into getting the technician to spill on his interpretation of the images and he ended apologizing for even talking about it. The first PET scan, I was told straight up the results could be interpreted ONLY by our doctor, meaning the earliest we would get the result is the next day.

Boy, you got a good relationship with your doctors.

I'm curious, if I may ask, how Tarceva is dispensed. (Question is open to others taking Tarceva.) Do you pick it up at the pharmacist or at the clinic directly from your oncologist? The reason I ask is I'm curious about the insurance coverage and billing. The chemo drugs given at the clinic are billed directly to the insurance company with a nominal co-payment billed to us by the clinic after insurance payments.

Thanks in advance to anybody who answers any of my questions.

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Hello Aaron,
My name is Jaree, webpage, Footprints. My lung cancer is stage3b. I had my third scan Oct.4. It looks as though there are two new hotspots in my hilar lymph node. It would require another major surgery just to get a biopsy, because of the location, so w will just keep a close eye on matters and see what my January scan reveals. I am currently taking Tarceva. My message is just to say, DO NOT GIVE UP! If you are still breathing, there is always HOPE. Live your life, enjoy all that you can, do all that you can in regards to preventative care, ( diet, exercise, etc. ) and get all the pleasure out of your life that you can. I think sometimes Cancer patients can get so wrapped up in the dismal end that we forget to focus on THE NOW. I know sometimes that happens to me. I hope your scan turns out good and you enjoy your life.
Sincerely, Jaree

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Hi Jaree, I was just wondering... was Tarceva your first line of treatment? My mom just started taking Tarceva (it's only her third day today) and this is her first line of treatment. So far I've heard of Tarceva being used as 2nd-line treatment or if the person did not respond to regular chemo. I just wanted to see who else is also in the same boat as my mom. thanks.

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Hi Aaron. Just wanted to say "hi" and send some moral support your way. My Mom had a CT scan on Wednesday, and gets the results on Monday. She's been feeling horrible lately, and we're all very worried about what this most recent scan will show. She just finished second-line treatment with Alimta. We're not sure what they'll recommend doing next.

I'm thinking of you-- let's try to stay positive together.

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Hi Aaron. All of us here know what you are going through. The worry, fear, anxiety, etc., call it what you will,- it's not a pleasant experience. But it is common. What you are going through is completely natural. But you will triumph! I was dx'd as NSCLC, stage 3a, inoperable/incurable. The doctors focused on what needed to be done to get me to surgery. They were successful, using chemo and radiation. They reduced the large tumor by 75%, which made it operable, and I've been lung cancer free for five years.
Focus on living, and doing what it takes to beat this. Don't read things into this that aren't there. Sure, there are some things that you can't do while you are in treatment. So what??? They'll get done. And so what if they don't? Don't sweat the small stuff, and focus on getting well.
There's a gang of us here, rooting for you. Please keep us posted.

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Aaron- Hang in there! I know it can be tough... but you've got to keep thinking about the positive side. There were a lot of really good replies to your message, I can't explain it any better than them. My mom just started her treatment (after an agonizing 6 1/2 weeks!), so right now we're also on the edge of our seats hoping and praying that she would respond well to treatment. I find that staying positive helps not only me but also my entire family a lot (i'm sure everyone will agree with me on this one!) It's tough, I know! But remember that you've got all of us thinking about you and praying for you. Like what
reinstones1 said, let's stay positive TOGETHER! It helps talking about it--- you gotta get it out of your system :) We're all in this together, and I KNOW that it's just about time that we all take cancer down. :D Take care Aaron.

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