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Blood Return Update

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We went back over to the infusion room today to get the Avastin pulled from the port and luckily -- they also got blood! So, they flushed it and put in some Heparin to prevent more clots, and we appear to be good to go! Mark feels great, although he's pretty bushed. We're making one little outing a day -- and as much as he loves to exercise -- we haven't gotten back to that yet! He's already in bed -- and here in Oregon it's not even 7. 12 hours the last couple of nights -- will he have more oomph next week (the week after the infusion), or is this our new 'normal'? We're presuming this is all drug side effects, as I doubt his red blood cells have been hit yet. Gee, we can't wait for THAT!
Thanks for being out there!

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I was on the folfox treatment, plus everyone reacts differently, but here's how it went for me.

I received infusions in office wednesday and thursday and had a 48 hr 5fu which would be taken off on Friday every other week. Wednesday I was fine, thursday I went to bed a bit early and I slept most of friday through sunday. I would start getting some energy back sunday afternoon and continue to feel better. some weeks were a little different with more down time or less, but this was mainly how I went.

I'm sure you'll soon figure out what his schedule is going to mainly look like and what works for him.

Hope this helps a little.


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From one Kerry to another Kerry,

Glad Mark got blood return. I don't know what his regimen is but I have a BAD week (chemo) and then a good week, then back to chemo again.

Fatigue comes with the chemo and then if it hits your WBC and RBC, you get the double whammy of fatigue. The doctors will give Mark some shots to enhance his production of WBC and RBC if needed.

You and Mark will be in my thoughts and prayers as you travel this journey of healing.

Let us know how we can help.

The other Kerry

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I just finished my 9th Folfox/Avastin cycle yesterday. I usually get the most fatigue the two days after having the pump removed. The next week is pretty good as far as the energy level. However I am getting a little more peripheral neuropathy and the cold intolerance seems to be lasting longer.
Tired- guess I will try to go to bed. Just keep encouraging Mark to do some walking and mild exercise when he can. I find that that can help the energy level as well.


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I had issue with getting blood return from my port the first few times also. It became a joke because if i flapped my arms like a duck, it usually worked. The one time it didn't I acted like a fool and quacked like one also and guess what -yes it did work.
on Folfox i had my pump removed at noon on Fridays. By 3 pm I was done in for the rest of the night. The Sat and Sunday were my big fatigue days and usually by Monday I was getting better and always back to normal by that Wed. So it really worked out to be one good week, a couple of lazy days and a couple of sleaping beauty days. You are both in my thought and prayers.
Another Mark

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Hi Kerry,

I'm glad they got some blood return. I had it happen to me also and it is a little worrisome. You are right about a new "normal". I know when I was on chemo I needed a nap sometimes. The days right after pump removal were the worst. I think it is partially because it is not easy to sleep with the pump. I was always afraid to lay on the tubing. Also the chemo fatigue sometimes is cumulative. Not feeling good also makes you tired. Try to have Mark get out for short walks sometimes. I'm not sure where you live but going for a walk in the nice air helped me feel a little better when on chemo. HUGS.

Lisa F

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Kerry, so glad they got blood! One more problem, solved.
I get varying degrees of fatigue different weeks of my chemo. I stopped running and do more yoga, pilates, and walking. Just exercise as he feels fit. It is hard to get it just right .. when I was working, I would get home and take a nap and then have dinner.

Hang in there.... it does end. Hopefully his red cells won't get hit hard. I will keep you both in my prayers.

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