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Anyone interested??

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Check this out!!


Sorry, I don't know how to do a hyperlink on this site, so you'll have to cut and paste! But it's well worth it. I am considering participating in this venture, possibly as a guide! It would be a great way to learn about nutrition while doing something healthy, fun, and to feel like you've achieved something HUGE. I know some of you are not at a place right now that you could do this entire trip, but maybe just for a day or a week, whatever you want. I would love to meet some of you and maybe CSN would sponsor a couple walkers?? I am sure they would like to have some cancer survivors on board.


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I'd love a walk but alas I am on the other coast.

I've signed up for a 21 miler in April, in the Big Sur marathon. It's a walking option. 21 miles in 6 hours. I'll be one hurtin' puppy after that I imagine.

Have a great walk!


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Pretty cool... I don't think I could sign up right now... need to get the results of my next scan first. BUT - if all goes well I could do a quick trip over to Florida and visit my in-laws. Hmmmm, I will have to keep going to the gym. :)

Do you live in Fl? I love that they are combining nutrition and exercise! Bravo.


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The walk sounds great. Especially since it is in Florida in January and I will be stuck in Minnesota at that time (hopefully clearing from the oxali effects). There is usually a walk/run at the end of March in a number of cities. It is called the getyourrearingear walk/run. I did it last year and hope to do it again.


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No, I live in Alaska, but you are right Dick, January is a good time to go to Florida!

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