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little bit of good news

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I have to get excited over every little thing! I was having some left shoulder weakness and tingling in my left index finger... very scary because Oct 6th I found out I have mets in my spine. EEK... I was very concerned the cancer was affecting my spinal cord causing the problems. I went to the gym and had trouble doing push ups with my left arm (gulp) - yes, I am a workout junkie.

Anyhow... good news is - I did push ups in my pilates class yesterday and forgot I had trouble before - it was back to normal... then, I realized that the tingling is gone!!

This means:
1. either it was never cancer, just some weird inflammation that resolved; or
2. the chemo is WORKING!!!

Both options are fine with me!

I continue to eat well - no meat and lots of organic produce, and take tons of vitamins. And I feel pretty good.

I have to confess, I get decadron, a steriod, before the CPT11 and I have been craving fried chicken (which I didn't even like when I ate meat), caramels, ranch dressing, and salt/soy sauce. These darn cravings are killing me.

I broke down and went to Godiva and bought 6 caramel chocolates that only lasted 3 days... but I'm trying. :)

Lisa, I may need to call you the next time the craving hits full force. :)

Wish you all the best.
jana, a cancer surviving MD that is doing chemo and nutritional treatment... and hoping it will all work wonders. :)

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Hi Jana,
I'm glad to hear that you continue to work out and are so up-beat. You are an inspiration!

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I'm so glad to hear from you! I take Decadron also and the cravings are just weird. Things I never ate before I am just devouring now. Yuck!

You sound in good spirits and I am so happy for that. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

I too have been trying to combine both worlds of chemo and good nutrition...(Decadron doesn't help) and when I finish my chemo regimen, I plan to get into the good eating routine.

We crave every little light we see at the end of the tunnel. I hope your light gets brighter and brighter each day.



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Hi Jana,

You sound like you are doing good and I'm glad. I know what you mean about stressing over aches and pains. I have a clot in my left arm since I was on chemo. Every little pain in the arm and shoulder starts me sweating thinking that the clot is getting worse. I now try to think positive thoughts and if the pain continues for more then a day, I will go to the docs. My onc said last time this happened that there was no swelling and that is what I need to look for. Sigh. Not good to think every little thing is the beast.

The craving?? Now that I'm off chemo I've been eating so much because everything tastes so good. I'm REALLY (mean it this time) going back on the healthy diet. Kudos to you for being so faithful. Do you think we need a sponser (HEY LISA!) to call when we get those unhealthy cravings like AA? I think I need one for every day! HUGS.

Lisa F

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I think we should start JA (junkfood annonymous) - Lisa will be everyone's sponsor, but she is great enough to handle the non-stop phone calls. :)

We can get a signup for all the newbies.

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That's great Jana! I know what it's like to think every little thing is cancer, and I do not presume to know what you are going through, but I would cling to any good signs your body is giving you! Hey, you workout junkie, check out my post, maybe you'd be up for it (or part of it anyway).
I hope that CPT11 is working for you. I was on it for 6 rounds after my liver resection. The Decadron gave me blood pressure issues so I had to give it up. Never made me want fried chicken though! hee hee. I wanted some recently though, for no apparent reason.
Well, take care and I hope the reason is #2.

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I've heard so much about you from Kerry!

I think you are what they call a stud-muffinette :) :) You do pushups? I can't even get one off the ground, and I have no excuse at all!!!

I am so thrilled to hear about your good news!!!

About cravings - Yup, been there, packed down mountains of food while the family looked on, with increasingly worried looks :) :) I am thinking if your body is craving chicken, then let it have some. I still credit chicken for getting me through chemo. I'm a born-again vegetarian now that chemo is over.

Do you eat tofu? It's a really great meat substitute. I get the high protein kind, slice it and fry the slices in some olive oil. They are so meaty and tasty. Each 2inx2in square has the same amount of protein as an egg, with no cholestrol or fat... what a bargain! It's also meaty texture that's satisfying. If you want some tofu recipe, gimme a shout.

Best of luck to you Jana!


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Good news, Jana

As everyone says, you are such an inspiration. I'm sorry to hear that they found mets to your spine. I'm praying for you. with your attitude, the beast doesn't stand a chance.


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First, absolutely celebrate EVERYTHING you can!!!!! I think the joyful feelings that brings help us all. I remember celebrating one of my liver mets "being less conspicuous" the it had been on the previous scans.

I am honored you think I could help you stop the "cravings", but I'm not sure how to stop drug induced ones (seriously, the non drug ones are hard enough). The only way I can control my own (and I don't always have success!!!!!) is to have lots of good munchies around (celery, apples, carrots, and my personal favorites nuts). I actually cut up apples, celery and carrots in advance and put them in tupperware containers with water so they don't dry out. A little lemon juice in the water will keep the sliced apples from turning brown. I really like the nuts though. I always have some in my fridge (shelled walnuts and almonds and this time of year you can get them fresh). I love to eat a few brazil nuts a week since they are so wonderfully healthy. If you eat a SMALL handful of nuts when you have a craving or 30 minutes before a meal, you'll be amazed at how it helps you eat less and the omega 3 good fats will help chase away those craving. Drink some water (lemon wedge included) after the nuts.

For those that juice, adding some sea kelp and parsley to your usual juice raises your metabolism and can help offset those pounds added from the instant menopause so many of us now have. I just learned that yesterday and will be trying it very soon.

I crave chocolate mostly so buy a box with many small pieces, then I put them in a feezer bag and freeze them. Knowing they need to thaw a little seems to help my physiologically (yeah I know, I'm weird).

Oh and I have to tell you that about a year after I changed my diet, I was craving a McDonalds cheeseburger with extra pickles something terrible. Being at a Walmart, I ordered one to pick up on my way out. I started to eat it as soon as I got to my car and within 15 minutes had a nasty headache and diarrhea. I haven't craved any fast food since!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Since doing some yard work, I am now known as "The lady with one red breast"...lol! Then, one day during pilates...I felt something give way...and....well....no more red breast!!!!

Hugs to a very brave and wonderful soul!

Hugs, Kathi

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What wonderful news! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Healing Hugs~

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Hi Jana -

I am so glad to hear your good news and even happier to hear your great attitude. So, congratulations on your good news and know that you are inspiring many of us.


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who knows? maybe the chocolate is doing it..there are a lot more positive reports which help justify chocolatics than negative.. you may have stumbled upon the answer. Bud

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