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1st Colonoscopy next Monday

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Hi All~

If you remember, my Dad was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in January 2004. I am happy to report he is doing great...: )

His oncologist recommended that I have a colonoscopy at age 40 (which I turned in August), so I'm having it done Monday, November 6th. I'm very nervous...not only for the procedure, but what they may find.


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Just curious, how old was your dad at the time of DX?

That is awesome that he is doing great! Always good news.

Good to see that you are following through and getting a scope.

The unknown is scary. I'm sure you will be great! Let us know how it goes.



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Hi Michele, I was dx last July,with colon cancer ,my father had colon cancer,as well, so both my surgeon and my oc, suggested to have my children screened with a colonoscopy, my daughter is 35 and my son 32, I wanted her to do it a.s.a.p because she has been sufering from stomach aches and done a lot of other scrennig for her condition, and all the tests have come fine but never had a colonoscopy, I was more nervous than she was,I was all the time in the hospital chapel praying fo her, and God answered my prayer, everything was fine not even a polyp, now I want my son to go too, but I am not as concerned because he doesn't have any symptoms But I will make him go anyway, so don't
worry too much I will be praying for you too. Betina

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Hi Michele,

I'm glad your dad is doing good. I think the reason we worry so much about the colonoscopy is because we already have someone with colon cancer. I kept nagging my sister to get one since I was DX. She finally got one and I went with her. I was as scared as her with what they would find. We were both so happy that when the doc came back she told us my sis didn't even have a polyp. Sending good vibes your way that all is fine and all the worry is for nothing. The prep is worse then the procedure. Try to get the one with only pills and the small bottle of phosphorus soda. So much easier then drinking the 1/2 gallon of prep. YUCK. I still like Spongebobs suggestion of using Margarita mix with the soda to help it go down (sans liquor unfortunately) LOL. HUGS.

Lisa F.

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you will be fine - try not get worked up. We will all keep you in our prayers. They will find nothing other than a pristine colon. :)

you are doing everything right!! It will be OK. Stay strong - and give your dad a hug. jana

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Hi Michele,
Just got a referral from my doc for another scope it will be my 8th in ten years, you will be fine,Ron.

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Can you believe it? People used to take "High colonics" all the time for their health! I LOVE the idea of a sparkling clean colon....(note to self: don't share such yucky stuff!).

Anyway...better to flush the beast from hiding as early as possible...there are some people, including some on this board, that had to almost hold a gun to the doctor's head to do a scopy....they were told "TOO YOUNG"!!!!!

Hugs to dad...that is GREAT NEWS....


Naked happy dance!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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What a coincidence, I am also having a colonoscopy on Monday, Nov. 6th. It'll be a fun way to spend Sunday :)
My Dad passed away Aug. 18 this year from stage iv colon cancer at age 59. He had been a runner most of his life and always eaten healthy and taken care of himself. Cancer sucks!! I look at this as my Dad's gift to me - to have the knowledge to check for colon cancer at a young age (33). I am also nervous about what they might find. Let me know how it goes. You don't happen to be down in Clearwater, Fl? That would be really weird, ha,ha.

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Thanks to EVERYONE for the positive thoughts and prayers...: )


I am so sorry about your Dad. How old was he when he was diagnosed?

It's kind of comforting to know that someone else will be experiencing the same thing I will on Sunday and Monday. Think of me and I'll think of you.

How lucky are you to live in Florida...near the ocean. I'm actually your neigbor. I'm in Georgia, about 20 miles south of Atlanta.

Best of luck to you. Let me know how it goes.


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