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New here

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Hello. I am the wife of a man with colon cancer. He had surgery, ended up being stage 3, since there was lymph node involvement. He had chemo and radiation.

Are there many stage 3 success stories here?

(Not sure if I can just post a question or how this really works!)

thank you,


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Hi Annie,

sorry you have to be here, but welcome aboard. Things work here however you need them too.. posting questions and simply asking for hope is what we are here for.

I was stage 3 - diagnosed at 32 years old. Now I am stage 4 (sadly) but doing great. There are MANY stage 3 and 4 success stories here.

The waiting game after all treatments are over is the hardest part (I think) after initial diagnosis. Hang in there.

My husband has been incredible during this entire ordeal. The caregiver is a VERY hard role in all of this. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Share more info about your situation with us and people with similar stories will appear.. this is an amazing group.

Stay strong, and lean on us anytime you feel weaker. We are here.

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My Dad is a success story. He was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer (4 of 15 lymph nodes positive) in January of 2004 at the age of 59. He had no symptoms, and no family history, so it was a shock (to say the least). He had surgery to remove a foot of his colon, and colon resection. He took 6 months of chemo (FOLFOX), which was was tough on him.

I am grateful to say that he is doing well, and thus far, there is no evidence of disease.

I would be glad to talk with you more.


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Hi Annie and welcome to our "family". You have found a great place to find support and information.

I am a Two year survivor of Stage III CRC with 1 node involved DX the day after my 27th birthday. I had surgery and the folfox treatment for six months.

You might want to check out some of our personal pages. You will find a ton of survivor stories at all stages in the disease that you can read. While you are there, please make a page yourself.

You are welcome to ask questions, tell your story, vent, laugh, cry, anything you need to do here.

You are at the point that was hardest for me to go through. I thought it was rough being dx and then going through treatment. The problem was all of the questions and depression and fear that came after treatment stopped and we waited to see what would happen next. I feel that is why you came here? The fear of what comes next?

Please share more of your story. I assume from your message that he is NED (No evidence of disease)?

Jana is right. The caregiver has a very hard role to fill.



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Hi Annie,
I am a 47 year old stage3a colon cancer survivor. I had 1 out of 32 lymph nodes involved. I have been a vegetarian my whole adult life, an avid cyclist and runner and was diagnosised exactly one year ago. I finished FOLFOX in June of this year and am feeling pretty good. Everything seems to be normal, but I worry about every little ache and pain.
You have the difficult job as the caregiver. My husband has been wonderful and been a great advocate for me this past year. Good luck in this journey and welcome to our "family".

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Hi Annie,

Like the others said, sorry to see you here but glad you found us. I'm in the "waiting game" too now. I'm stage 3 with 1/11 nodes. I was dx Dec. 19th 2005 and had the tumor out Dec. 20th 2005 (my 42nd birthday). I got out of the hospital Christmas day. Nice Christmas present! I was on Folfox and finished 9/12 treatments in July. I doing good at my new normal. I think we are all success stories and survivors once we are diagnosed and start the fight. You will find a lot of people here with success stories. HUGS to you and hubby. Like it was said, it helps to check out all our webpages.

Lisa F.

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Annie,

Welcome to our CSN family. I am so sorry that you and your husband have to here but it's a great support group with so much love ~ so again welcome.

My name is Lisa Rose and I had my surgery for rectal cancer March 20, 2002 at age 40. My cancer was found in 10 out of 14 lymph nodes making me stage 3c. This March 2007 I will celebrate my 5th anniversary since that dark day 5 years ago. At the time my only son was just 10 years old in elementary school and now he's a wonderful young man in high school. I just want you to know that as you start this journey take it one day at a time and be good to yourself also. With each passing day things will become easier. Have Faith. . .

Lisa Rose

Check out some personal web pages ~ so many success stories

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hello Annie, I live in Ireland. I had stage three with one positive node. I had surgery + 6 months chemotherapy though no radiotherapy.I'm happy to say that my surgery was in July 2001 so I am now 5 years and 4 months over this and have had no recurrence. Hope that this brings a little joy to your husband and yourself. Blessings, Vincent.

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Lisa Rose
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So wonderful to hear that everything is well with you. Congratulation's on that 5 year magical milestone ~ wishing you all the best.

Lisa Rose

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Hello. I, too, am stage 3B. I was diagnosed in September, 2004, lost 6 inches of my rectum and sigmoid, went through chemo, radiation, and was reconnected in August, 2005. My husband was my care taker. He learned how to change my dressings, change my bag, and be there whenever things got really tough. I almost died 3 times but he was always there. I think the care giver is the most important person in a patient's life. I know I wouldn't have made it without my husband. Good luck to you and your wife. BTW, all my tests say "Cancer-free."

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