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so how is everyone

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Not too many topic coming up on this group. How is everyone doing? I go to my Onc. tomorrow for his suggestions on how to deal with my tumors using Chemo/radiation. I am pretty sure i am taking off for Nroth carolina for some alternative treatments as soon as next week.

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Where in NC????? I live just outside of Greensboro and would love to meet you while you are here, bring photos of the family!!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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It is an 828 area code. Asherville i think. I will then go to the U of Tenn for some work also. looks like the other end of the state but i would love to meet and talk. I am really interested in your regime, especially the mushrooms. Greenville doesent look like more that 3-4 hours from Asherville. I think I could rent a car and fly out of Greenville? I expect i will be down for a total of a week.

I can send you my # on a private post if you want or I can call you.

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Limey Good to hear you made up your mind...... My dr's appointment did not go as good as planed.... looks like I need to go back to the hospital and get recut open so they can get back at my liver... That's at least 2 weeks of the holidays waisted.... then comes the chemo. On the UP side, a few friends have steped up and said they will be taking over my Relay for life team if I'm not up to it this spring! Best of luck and happy holidays

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Hi Mark and everyone, My name is Joel, I'm a 2- year kidney cancer surivor. (I'm out of treatment at this time). I'm new to the discussion boards. I hope everything goes well for you in Mexico.

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