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Recovering and raising kids

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 1B1 in July 2006. I have since had a radical hysterectomy. 2 months later, I have been told that I am cancer free. That's great but I still worry about reoccurance but that's another story. I have 2 daughters - ages 3 and 8 years old. My 3 year old and I are having a difficult time getting back on track. The surgery had me knocked out for 2 months while grandparents and my husband raised my girls. Now that I am back in charge, my youngest is having an awful time. She is complaining about ear aches that are nonexistent and can't stand to be in a room alone. She constantly needs someone there with her and needs attention. Has anyone been through this? Do you have any advice on helping a 3 year old cope after mommy was sick?

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