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Thanks to all My Port is OUT!

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Hi All,
Just wanted to thank everyone to my post last weekend about my Port Removal. I had it done today, with just a local.. and it wasn't too bad. I had a lot of scar tissue around it, since it was in there for 3 years and 2 mos. So other than the pressure it wasn't too bad. I have stitches that will come out in a week, and I have to keep clean gauze on it. I took a couple of Motrin after the numbness wore off, and its a bit sore, but thats to be expected. I am just thankful its gone.. and so is the colostomy bag.. almost a year now! All those reminders of my fight.. So.. thanks again, everyone, and your all in my prayers.

Gail in PA

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Hey, that's great Gail.

I'm toying with the idea of getting mine out. Although the thought of a local is both scary and welcomed. You see I get terrible vertigo. I got it after waking up from the port insertion. Took a few hours to wear off. So, the local sounds nice.

I guess I just get worried. I mean geez, it's a major vein and all that blood floating around in there. ICK. Maybe I just need my ipod, some Rolling Stones and a stiff drink!!! (ah, I'll pass on the drink)

Anyway, congrats for the removal(s)!!!


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Sooooooo naked happy dancing in Boulder, CO next year?????? I have it on good authority that I was spotted...hehehehehe!

You are a brave soul, I was out for the proceedure...but I told a joke just before the anesthesia went in...I heard laughter as I was falling under!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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No Mo port, and no mo bag...what will you do whthout all these friends? Remember to thank god for all your orfices every day.. Bud

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YEAH Gail!!
Let the healing continue!
Best wishes,

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I had mine out and it wasn't too bad. I guess getting another one in at the same place during the same operation might have made my thoughts colored. I know I was crying by the end of the operation since there was only a local and a little morphine. Glad it went ok and you are doing fine. HUGS.

Lisa F (also in PA!)

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