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Has anyone used topotecan as parat of their cancer treatment?

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No, I have no experience with this one. I believe Bonnie and several others have. I'm sure you'll get some responses.

However, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you are dealing with this again. I just completed my second go-around with OVCA (the first was in 2000). I am surprised to hear you had such low numbers for the CA125 and still had the cancer. I know this can happen, but I'm always hopeful for low numbers. Right now mine is stablized at 10. For me, it was the consistent rise that tipped off the doctor, as the CT scans showed nothing, just a lymphocele. So, that just goes to show you that each individual is different and we must be ever vigilent and aware of our bodies.
My prayers and hugs for a successful treatment session. Please keep us informed.


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