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KathiM Spotting reported!

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"Naked frivolity heats up the night
It was hard to gauge what was more frightening to watch on the Pearl Street Mall on Halloween night - some of the outlandish and ghoulish costumes, or the dozens of naked men and women who took part in the Naked Pumpkin Run. Over a hundred people streak down Boulder's Pearl Street mall yesterday for what is boasted as Boulder's largest and longest running community arts project."


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Uh oh, I checked out the picture and isn't that her up towards the front???!!!

Love you Kathi! When are you moving to boulder? Sounds like they are right up your alley. No worries about the cops and Naked Happy Dancing there. LOL

Lisa F.

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Ehemmmm, that was a misprint....supposed to say "Bolders"....hey, Nothing can hold me back!!!!

You are too funny!!!! Thanks for the giggle!!!

....and, should it really be...'largest Boulders', in my case....rofl (sigh...I wish...)

Hugs, Kathi

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