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Hello everybody, Been a while since I was on here last. My husband Donnie had to have his voice box removed a month ago. (The cancer came back in his throat after chemo and radation) He is doing wonderful. I finished my last chemo treatment 9/27 and took the shot to boost your white count 9/30 that is suppose to last for 3 weeks. About 2 maybe 3 weeks ago I notice I have been having headaches. Just small dull ones. I take tyenol. Could this be a side effect from the chemo? After 3 1/2 years of being on chemo off and on, I was just wondering if I'm having some of the side effects. And another thing I've noticed, does anybody have a pain in their side? I had 11 inches removed from my colon and there are times when a pain hits me. Thanks

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Hi there,
I would think that certainly chemo could cause headaches. But maybe it is something as simple as not drinking enough water. Do you drink 8-10 glasses a day? I know when I was on chemo I would get dizzy, but if I drank lots of water it did not happen. Dehydration can cause headaches. I would think the more water the better. Plus it will help get the chemicals out of your body faster, help your liver, kidneys, etc.
As for the pain in your side, I would mention it to the doctor, but maybe it is just gas! If it comes and goes that is what I would suspect. If it was there all the time, then I would worry more about it. Have you tried pushing on it? Do you hear a gurgle when you press on it??
I am glad to hear your husband is doing well, I hope that you can get the headaches under control.
Take care,
Susan H.

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I haven't been drinking alot of water. Back in June, I fainted and had to be taken to the ER. I had a migraine and just passed smooth out. The er dr wanted to run all these different tests and I said nope I don't think so. My cancer dr had done a CAT scan in April and had blood work 2 days before. This er dr said well since you are refusing our help, we can't be held responsible if you die. I said ok and left. I saw my cancer dr the next week. Found nothing. I'm comfortable with my cancer dr. After 3 1/2 years, I should be. Thanks and I'll drink more water.

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