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after port removal

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I had my port removed in June. How long did it take for your tenderness in that area to go away? Seat belt still bothers me.

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Hey, had my port removed August. Still a little tender, but I use Vitamin E oil, and on the red spots, Triple Antibiotic ointment.

I have an indentation where it was removed...doesn't seem to bother too much...

Make sure there is no infection, otherwise, it just may take a while...and some of it (ok, you can hit me....) may be you are still focusing on it...(I am speaking from my experience here...lol).

Hugs, Kathi

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I had mine removed in April of this year and it is still tender to the touch. My incision was closed with "super glue" so the scar looks great. My Dr. says that eventually the pain will go away. Hang in there!

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