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re: Procrit for fatigue

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Has anyone tried Procrit? A breast cancer survivor friend suggested it for my rectal cancer friend who spends most days in bed due to the chemo fatigue. Would love to hear from others about this annoying side effect.

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It depends upon the blood counts. Are they low? If not the Procrit will not help. I believe it's main function is to release the blood cells early from the bone marrow to the bloodstream. I find that a little exercise, like short walks, actually decreases my fatigue.


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I was given Procrit -- but for my bloodwork. I think the fatugue is the chemo really taking a toll on a system. I say that because I was given Procrit...But taking it progressed as chemo did and my fatigue level did not go away! Hang in there - and ask the doc about it. Take care - Maura

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Chemo causes general fatigue, but Mark's doctor should prescribe Procrit if his red blood is low. I've taken Procrit and Neuprogen for low white blood counts - still the fatigue persists because of chemo.

Perhaps Mark has a bit of depression as well. Discuss this with his medical staff.

Wishing Mark the best.


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I never took the meds but just want to say I think we have all been there were it is so tough to get out of bed. I worked through my chemo. The toughest was getting to work and staying awake. I would then go home and fall into bed for a while for a nap. Some exercise helped. Just getting outside to breath the fresh air and enjoy helped. I have to say eating healthy helped me too. Maybe more good protein would help? Like the others said, talk to the onc and see what they say. HUGS to you and Mark.

Lisa F.

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I had Procrit for both cancers' chemo. I am borderline anemic naturally. Each time it dipped into the danger zone, I got Procrit. And...sigh...Neupogin for the white counts. My body DID NOT LIKE chemo AT ALL!!!!!

Like others said, fatigue is normal. My BRAIN never caught on to that....when I was sitting or laying down, I would think "Hey, I feel pretty good....maybe I'll get the mail!" Sigh....half way to the mailbox, I had to sit down...half way back, same thing...
Make sure that he is staying way hydrated, and eating high energy food with alot of protein. Also, make him share his thoughts...just to make sure it is not depression...

Hugs, Kathi

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You are such an angel for how well you look out for Mark!!! I hope with all my heart that you have someone looking out for you the same way.

I must have had Procrit for my red cells dipping too low. I can't say that any of the weeks I received the shot that the energy level was any better. The only thing I can say is that I remember just my bones aching terribly.

I think the fatigue is just part of chemo.

Thank God for my mother-in-law because there are days I may not have been able to wake up long enough to eat. On my bad days she would make my meals and bring them in to my room where I slept. She would try and try and try to get me to wake up long enough to eat. Just begging me, "Trish, please get up and eat. You have to eat." Finally, I got up saying, "Nag, Nag, Nag." My one year old daughter was in the room. The funny part of this story is that when she was learning what animals say we asked her what Grandma says. She, of course, answers, "Nag, Nag, Nag." She says that until this day.

I just remember being so tired that it seemed impossible to even open my eyes let alone get up and do anything else.

I just remembered something else. I remember that one week I barely had any side effects. I was feeling great. I barely had any down time and just knew that my blood work was going to be great. Joke was on me because this was one of the weeks that my red count was the lowest.

Big Hugs to you for being so wonderful!


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