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Tumors in ureter

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In 2004 I had my bladder removed and a neo bladder constructed due to transitional cell carcinoma. In June 2006 I had my left kidney and ureter removed due to tumors in my ureter especially close to my kidney. Now the MRI is showing something in the left ureter near the left kidney had a ureroscopy one day surgey and they could not reach it. Going for another MRI and if they still see it and it is not an aritifact they will go through my kidney to get it. Has anyone had tumors showing up in there ureters.??? Trying to stay positive but this seems to be rapidly progressing.

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this doesn't sound wildly wonderful!
HOWEVER: surely they can remove the whole ureter and either replace it with a stripped out vein from the spares department or they could use surgical dacron - I may be wrong but that gives two options. The third is repeated TURT ( with a difference!)chemical is the next route and finally radio therapy.

So with your nose pressed against the windowpane of life what about a second opinion?

That said you need to make your decisions as soon as possible before doors start slamming and options get shut off.

Good luck and keep laughing! The other guy doesn't even know he has got it yet!
Greg L-W.

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I really need some advice here. My sister had a tumor in her ureter. Stage 3 tcc she had surgery May 1. The doctor thought he got it all, she was going to wait a few weeks to heal, then start chemo. By the sixth week, she was having a lot of pain, at first they thought it was a abcess, but the scan showed a mass. The doctor said some of the cancer must have been missed,then grew. So they started her on chemo. I am so worried. We live in MI, and not far from MU, I want her to go there. I feel like that is her only chance. Can anyone out there give me some kind of information on this type of cancer? Thank you, Peyton

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I am a 37 yo woman with stage 2/ grade 3 TCC of the right ureter. I had ureter, kidney and cuff of bladder removed. I have spent countless hours on the internet and talking with doctors regarding this very rare cancer. I do know it can be a very aggressive cancer and even at a stage 2 where the doctors believe that they "got it all" more than 50% have a recurrence in another area which can be a very grim prognosis. Even with chemo ( I start next week) my chances of a complete cure only improve by 10 to 15%. My attitude - keep fighting and live each day to the fullest.

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I am a 55 year old woman who had a tumor in my left ureter (transitional cell ca). I had the same type of surgery as you in October 2005.
Since the tumor was more advanced than first thought I had chemo for 3 months following the surgery. I read alot on the internet as well but found that too much information is not necessarily that helpful. Try and limit yourself to the American Cancer Society page. OThers can be out of date. So far I have been recurrence free in the bladder (was told about the 50 percent chance of recurrence there) and have gone from seeing the urologist every six months to yearly. My CT scans have been clean and I am now on a yearly basis as well.

I can't emphasize enough how attitude is HUGE in this cancer journey. I really have tried to switch to mostly organic foods when at all possible and try to limit other chemicals from lotions to makeup, etc. I have no idea if that even helps but it can't hurt, right, to limit how many toxins our sole remaining kidney has to deal with.

You are so young and that is such a positive in dealing with this type of cancer. I agree that it is important to live each day to the fullest and realize that it is one day at a time EVERY day - live in the NOW!

Good luck to you!

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Hello -- yours is from 2009 -- I myself have just been diagnosed with it in my left ureter -- and will be having surgery in a month -- was diagnosed over a month ago with first stage cancer -- but they state "they are having trouble getting surgery times" -- to remove my left kidney, ureter and partial bladder. I am still waiting.

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After original dx in 1996 of papillary transitional cell carcinoma in bladder and multiple surgeries I developed cancer of the ureter going to right kidney which they removed. My ureter ca was a different form of cancer than that in my bladder. That was done in 1998 and have not had more ureter problems with the left side. I was treated with Mitomycin-C Intravesically ending in May 2000 and that may have helped any further spread. I wish you the best with further diagnostics.
Cynthia A

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I had my right kidney and ureter removed 'coz of TCC in my ureter. It was found to be muscle invasive and I was treated with chemo after the surgery. I am already a kidney transplant patient which complicated matters but I am fine and cancer free for the past two years.
Stay strong.
If it is in the ureter,they can always remove a part of the ureter and stitch it back. Have your docs tried chemo treatments.

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Just updating everyone my MRI in october that showed something in my right ureter must have been a shadow have had two more MRI's since then and they are CLEAR. Will keep close watch and going now for 6 month MRI's thank you all for your replies.


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I'm 35 years old and just found out that I have a tumor on my left uterer. I read all the other postings and never noticed if anyone had kidney stones before the discovery of the tumor. I am learning very little about this tumor and that my Doctor is unfamilier with this type of tumor. Rigth now I am letting the worse get to me then the better. What type of questions should I be asking my Doctor about this tumor??

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Hi, I am 49years old and I had a 9centimeter tumor growing in my left ureter. My surgery was April 17th and they removed my left kidney and ureter and part of my bladder. It wasn't until my third visit back to the doctor that I really started asking questions because to this day I am still trying to grasp the word cancer because it all happened so fast.They thought I had kidney stones to because of the pain until the ct reveled numerous tumors. They think they got all of the cancer but I go next week for my first ct scan. The anxiety of all this is awful. I know exactly how you are feeling.

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I am 39 years old, proud mother of 3 awesome kids and a grandmother to a little ham of a granddaughter. When I was fifteen, the beginning of tumors and cysts began to appear in my body and had several different organs remove to stop but they will pop up in a different place.

First, tumor and appendix...then tumor and gall baddler...then tumor and right ovary...then 6 months later tumor and left ovary, uterus and part of my cervix...then a malignant tumor and right kidney...and now another tumor but on my surviving kidney and on the ureter. I stayed strong and determined to process all of these and try to understand, why didn't I asked more questions. Two years ago after the removal of my right kidney, they said that my cancer was completely on the kidney and it was all removed but can not give me a report of full remission. For two years I have been going every 3 months for all my doctor visits and try to keep them on the same day because I had private insurance.

My last visit to the urologist was 6 months ago, everything was clear. I was fired for missing and/or coming in late because of dr visits, but of course with approval from my boss before, well, I loss my insurance and haven't seen a doctor since until recently for pain...I just found out about the tumor on my ureter and kidney. As I sit here and sometimes I feel helpless because without private insurance, it feels like going into a battle without a gun or sword.

I faith in God, but I'm losing my strength and hope for any new successful treatment, because the quality of life begins with the quality of the pocketbook.

I told my story, so people can get a grasp of this and many more situations like mine out there and if you know of any clinical treatments out there it will be useful, as I'm still waiting just to see a urologist from since my diagnose almost a month ago.

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