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breast and nipple tenderness

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Hi, my dad was diagnosed with nsclc with a malignant pleural effusion. Initially he was only given 3 months to a year. His oncologist treated him very aggressively, practically killing him with the chemo. On August 28th, eight months after his initial treatment, my dad's scan showed he was in remission. We're not sure if that means the cancer is totally gone or that the cancer has decreased so much tht it is practically gone and in a state of inaction. We were just happy to hear the words remission. We were also told it would probably come back eventually. This is our problem. Around the same time, my dad noticed his breasts and nipples were sore and tender. He didn't say anything until recently. He is seeing his oncologist for a monthly follow-up and will discuss this with him. We were wondering if this could be a residual symptom from all of the chemo. Has anyone experienced these symptoms from chemo. I am sure if it was anything else, it would have showed in his constant blood work-ups and the scan in August. Just curious.

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Hi Scungileen,

If I may look at the glass as half-full, I'd like to congratulate on your dad's successful recovery. What chemo was he on? By aggressive, what do you mean?

Sorry I can't help you on the residual chemo side effects. I know only that because of the build-up on chemo in the system, there will be lingering side effects for a while.

I hope his symptoms aren't anything serious.

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Hi, thanks for replying. My dad was on abraxene with carboplatin three times a month with one week off. The chemo was so strong that it was killing him. He started in January and they had to change his chemo in May to Gemzar. He condition was so weakened that the Gemzar proved to be too strong for him. In July he was admitted with blood clots, edema and dehydration. He was so weakened that he could walk. They stopped all chemo to give him a break as he was on constant chemo for six months. In late August they scheduled a ct scan and did blood work up. They ct scan showed no pleural effusion and the lymph nodes that were initially showing back in October of the previous year (which were very, very small) were showing up even smaller on this scan. His blood levels all came back good for tumor markers and between both tests they told him he was in remission. His blood is constantly check for tumor markers and he will get another ct scan in or around Thanksgiving. Of course, like all cancers there is the possibility it will come back. We just pray that it won't for a long time. He really needs the rest. He is finally looking and feeling like his old self again. I don't believe we ever thought he would feel good again. For six months he couldn't drive, he couldn't eat, and he did absolutely nothing. Everything was an effort and he constantly felt ill. We are grateful for the aggressive treatment as his initial prognosis was 3 months to a year. His doctor is a wonderful oncologist, but the the treatment nearly killed him. We just hope that the breast and nipple soreness is residual from treatment. I wish someone out there could verify this.

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