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Dr Visit Update

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Hi Everyone, yesterday at my clinic visit we went over the ctscan. My ca125 is at 11 and the ctscan shows that the cancer has shrunk in size. The Avastin/Cytoxan really did help. I am on a chemo break(a little nervous)for 3 months. We are very grateful that the tumors have shrunk, but I guess a little part of me was hoping for NED. Oh well too late in the game for me to get that I guess. We remain strong in faith and God gives us the courage and strength to continue on.

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Yay, Bonnie!
That is a great number! I'm so glad you will get a break from the treatments. I understand your mixed emotions about the NED - I would feel the same way. But I know you are such a resilient human being and have such a strong faith that you will carry on just fine. Many prayers and hugs for continued improvement. Now go out and enjoy these next months of no pokes and no yuckies!
In His Peace,

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Hi Bonnie, What wonderful news! Like you, I'm on a chemo break too, and it is scary. Is your CA-125 a 'marker' for you? It seems like it has been. I was expecting that they would find NED, too. My doctor told me that he expects that the only sign of disease in my case will be a rising CA-125. But, just think, the tumors hadn't just stayed the same, they had SHRUNK!! Maybe the next round will get rid of all of it, once and for all! Congratulations on the good news! Take good care of yourself, MM

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Hi Bonnie,

I was so glad to see your number,that's great-but don't give up hope for NED.We live by God's time not our own.I will keep you in my prayers.
Much love and many hugs,Sue

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Bonnie this is wonderful news. I am so glad to hear this! Now go and do something fun during your break. My best to you. Cindy

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Hi Bonnie, I'm glad to get the update, especially when it's so positive. Maybe you can take another balloon ride during your break-it can't hurt to be a little closer to God!

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Bonnie, just think of the news that you had been getting. The news from this visit sound pretty good. Enjoy the next three months as much as you can. My prayers are with you! Paula

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Bonnie, Congratulations on your dr. visit. Glad you ca125 is down and your tumor is shrinking. You said in a message to me that you had been on chemo for four years and now you are on break for 3 months. How long was it before your cancer come back the first time and how long between your next reoccurences? Hove you used topecan?
I go to my oncologist the tenth of November to find out what treatment she will put me on. Frankly I am more than a little stressed over this as I went out of remission just 8 and a half months after finishing chemo treatment. Eleen

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