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update - lung lesion - good news

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Hi All. I posted here a couple of weeks ago about my new lung "spot". Anxiety-provoking for me (as it wd be for anyone!!) because I had a lung met before (treated with surgery and chemo). Well, it has been a loooong and stressful 2 weeks. I think I saw 7 docs in 10 days! (including a new CT). My lesion cannot be biopsied (at least not using fine-needle aspiration). Although no-one can say for sure that it is not malignant/met, we have had two experts (whom I know and trust) say that, in their best opinion, it is probably not. We have decided on a course of "watchful waiting" (repeat CT in 6-8 weeks). In all likelyhood an infection (I'm completely asymptomatic! Wish I were coughing haha). Thank you all for your warm and loving words of support. Although I am not completely out of the woods, as far as I am concerned, this little episode is OVER. Time to get on with my life again. I will deal with anything that needs to dealt with later LATER. Best wishes to all.

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Hey TaraHK,
Good news indeed...I had one of those pesky spots show up on my lung. I had to wait 8wks too, fortunately it was nothing. Keep up the good work you truely are an inspiration...

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Wonderful news! This is website can be so encouraging. jams

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tara, i am so delighted for you! I have been thinking about you since your last post. Absolutely great news.


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Whew, what a relief!!!
Glad to hear this great news.

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Great attitude!

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Thanks Tara, we were worried and feel better now.

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Hi Tara,
Thanks for posting. I was wondering what had happened. I'm glad to hear that it looks like nothing and that you don't have to do anything right now.
Take care,

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YEA!! This means all our good wishes and prayers actually work!!

I am soooo happy for you. You have the right attitude, get on with your life... episode OVER!

Take care and stay happy and healthy. jana

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Looks like good news for you Tara....and hoping that the "watchin n waitin" will prove all is ok. Stay well n be safe gal....Ross n Jen

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Good news, Tara.

I know how stressful potential lung mets can be, but your experts are highly likely to be correct. So happy you have had a happy ending to those hideously stressful 2 weeks.


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That is good news. I know how anxious you must have been wondering what the spot could have been and having many thoughts running through your head. Hopefully this will put your mind at ease.

God bless,


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cool beans Tara; remember that by passionately beieving in what does not exist, you create it...

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Naked happy dance!!!!! (Man! doing this so much, I might as well STAY naked all the time!!)

Hugs, Kathi

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