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There probably are many of us who are members of this site but I am sure many do not feel that comfortable with this message board.
I am soon to be 10 year survivor of IDC breast cancer stage 3 with 11 out of 21 positive nodes. Congrat's on your thrivership because we do more than just survive I am beginning to realize.
When I was diagnosed there were support groups in my area for lesbians but no one would be able to find them readily since undergroud. It was I think my 4th year of survival when I found this site and actually had some contact with people who truly were like me. Though most think women can support other women I have since found lesbians do have some issues that are not quite the same and I never wanted to make others squirm.
Yes I am out in the message boards of breast cancer but notice I don't share allot about my real life. Being a Lesbian and my relationship has changed forever and I have yet to truly talk about that.
Please post I am interested in learning how others have continued to have hope and courage though facing some terrible times. Thanks for wanting to share.
Nice to meet you both and hope we can chat sometime soon.
Be good to yourselves always,

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