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What are " levels" on TX plan

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Hi, does anyone know what the different "levels" on the treatment sheet indicate? The order sheet will read Folfox ( I think that's it) and level 6. Just curious.

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Folfox is a short names for the most common treatment protocol for colorectal cancer. It designates the combination of drug used, as well as the delivery method. I went through Folfox 4, which means Oxaliplatin+5FU+leucovorin, with 2 hours of Oxaliplatin and Leucovorin infusion at the onc office and then 48 hours of 5FU delivered via a pump. The FOLFOX 4 protocol calls for 12 treatment, although most don't last until the end for one reason or another.

I am not exactly sure what makes up Folfox 6 but expect that it's something similar.

You should ask your doctor the following:
1. What drugs make up your cocktail, and at what dosage?
2. How are they delivered?
3. What many treatments are there in the whole plan and how often you have to go in for it.

Good luck to you. Sorry I don't have 1st hand experience w/ FOLFOX 6.

Best of luck to you!


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I'm not sure but think the Folfox 6 is the same drugs as in Folfox 4 with higher doses but less cycles. However, ask your oncologist and be sure to ask about side effects with it compared to the other protocols.

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I went back and looked at your previous post. That port can be checked with a simple, single, chest x-ray. You mentioned your husband having trouble drinking fluids the first week. Make sure they are lukewarm. That makes it easier although not so desirable. I also found that carbonated beverages were worse.

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I'm taking Folfox 6 and at one time compared it to Folfox 4 and it was a difference in the dosage (but I can't remember if it was up or down! Chemo brain!). Like Folfox 4 12 rounds seems to be the going rate. I also have the pump but for only 46 hours.... perhaps that is the difference.

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