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lung spot

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My stepson, 32, dianosed Jan. 06, rectal cancer stage III 4 of 9 nodes positive. Tumor removed, Temp. iliostomy, reversed this week.Regimine of Oxy FU5. 1st CT scan showed "spots on lungs there were pooh-poohed because we needed to deal with the rectal cancer first. CT scan results today showed that "spots" that were on lungs originally had reduced in size. These spots are so small they cannot be biopsied. Oncologist suggest that we do another CT in 6 weeks and "just watch". I feel that the fact that they responded to the chemo means they are "something". Has anyone else had this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hmmmm... sounds suspicious to me, too, but I'll let someone else chime in, someone who has experience with shrinking lung spots. In other words, what do I know? Just wanted you to know you've come to a good place to find some answers. Hugs to you and stepson. (How's his reversal coming by the way?)

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reversal was just done Monday at Duke, came home on Tues, he's still on liquids, so a little early to tell. He just called and said he was going by work though, so sounded good. Have you had a reversal? And if so how is it?

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Hi, I am definitely not an expert either, but my husband was diagnosed Stage IV - 10/04. His cancer was in the colon and liver. There were also spots on his lung and he was told because they did not change with his 5FU and Avastin treatments that they were nothing of concern. So far, they are still appearing the same size on all the ct scans. I am not sure what to suggest to you. If your stepsons's spots are too small to biopsy I would think if they are something-the chemo you are on should also affect them. Good luck--hope this helps some.

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Thank you so much!!1

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I as a stage 3 (1 out of 32 nodes cancerous) colon cancer survivior. I finished my 12 treatments of folfox in June and just had my first CT scan. (They wouldn't do one before surgery or before I started chemo.) A 4 mm nodule was found on my lung. A friend of mine who is a pulmonologist said that nodules on the lung are on 50 percent of the population who haven't had cancer and are the result of a respiratory infection you may not remember getting. He told me that 4 mm is too small to see on a PET scan and too small to biopsy. He suggested that I have another CT scan in 3-6 months. (A nolule that does not increase in diameter over a 2 year period is benign.)The fact that your stepson's nodule is getting smaller may mean that it is responding to chemo.
I hope that you get some answers soon and please let us know what you've learned.
Best wishes,

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I had a number of spots in the lungs and liver on my CT scans but they were felt to not be significant and have not changed on followup scans. The fact that your stepson's are getting smaller most likely is significant. However with the size, the only thing you can do is to watch and reassess them. I think then that it is important for him to complete the chemo and continue to be watched closely.
Good luck,we will add your stepson to our prayers.

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You have gotten great responses. My lung spots have stayed the same for over two and a half years so I am trying to stop worrying about them. Keeping a close watch on them is the best approach. Keep us posted!



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I know from experience that lung lesions can be very difficult to biopsy. Maybe they shrunk because they were mets, or maybe they were something else that just went away. In either case, this is good news!

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Hi. I was diagnosed at 32 years old with rectal adenocarcinoma also stage 3 with 3 positive nodes. Unfortunately, I progressed to stage 4 after about 2 years.

Your stepson needs to keep a close eye on the nodules/"spots". Not to scare, but rectal cancer can go to lungs first, not liver - depending on location of original tumor (blood supply issues).

I think the "just watch" attitude is best... if the spots grow - you need to see/talk to a good thoracic surgeon. I had many thoracotomies, they can cut it out.

BUT... take it one step at a time! I simply feel VERY strongly that your stepson get aggressive care because of his young age. Duke is a good cancer spot. I am sure the docs there are planning to be aggressive... just make sure.

Before my last lung surgery, my surgeon wanted me to go on chemo first to make sure the cancer would respond to the chemo. Your stepson's current plan, even if it is cancer seems good.

HOpefully none of this will matter because those spots will never grow.

The only beneficial lesson cancer gives is to embrace every day and to appreciate every moment. Hang in there.


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