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Decisions to make

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Hi all, I am 45 y/o first diagnosed with stage II colon cancer in 2004 I did a resection and 6 months of chemo 5fu. Re-diagnosed Nov 2005 Stage IV. the plan was to do Chemo and then surgery. I did 5 months of FOLFOX and wend NED so they could not do surgery for the cancer as they could not find it. I did have surgery at this time to repair a damaged Ureter and they found no cancer then (May). Sept, my CTpet showed re-occurrence outside the colon with one liver met. I did surgery Oct13th but when they opened my up they found a mass by my colon on the left, two areas by my abdomen, and tumor that was spreading into my back.

So here I sit with a partner of 19 years, a 19 y/o daughter (go figure) and two adopted boys 4 & 8 and I got to beat this thing. I am meeting with a Naturopath here in MN tomorrow for natural options and I have totally changed my diet. Juicing 3x day, high antioxidants and minerals (really needing help in this area) and I am looking at some alternative methods down in Mexico to try to knock down the tumor load. So, do I do Chemo again (I did not tolerate it well the last time) to knock the tumor load down or trust some unproven method in north Carolina or in Mexico. I love having choices.
Anyway, that’s my story. All I know so far is that if I give up – I die way faster than if I fight. So I am choosing to fight.

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Limey thanks for your comments the other day.... now as to YOUR problem. I can't talk for anyone but myself BUT I would stick with the Dr's treatments FIRST Then go off and try the other things when it is under better controle. To me it seams best to stick with what has worked first. Then try something new.

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We just found out that my dad's stage III rectal is back with mets to lungs, nodes, and abdomen. The onc wants to start chemo on Monday. What have you decided about your treatment? Thanks for your help.

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