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carboplatin with taxotere vs carboplation with topotecan

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In Jan 2005 I was diagnosed with sage III ovarian cancer. I had surgery followed by IP theopry with sisplatin, taxol, doxel(?). I went into remission after 3 treatments but finished 6 treatments in Oct 2005. Sept 2006 a pet scan and a bipsi showed that ovarian cancer had reacurred in my chest wall and 2 llymph nodes in my neck. My doctor has given me a choice of treatments:
carboplatin with taxotere(docetaxel) vs carboplatin with topotecan. Have any of you out there had either of these treatments? If so wht are the side effect (nausia, low blood counts, hair loss,etc) Also are there any sucess stories of recurring ovarian cancer?

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Hello. I'm sorry that you too are going to have to deal with a recurrence. I started chemo for a recurrence again in February of this year. The Gemzar didn't work, so my doctor put me on Taxotere/Carboplatin in late April. Originally, I had taken Taxol/Carboplatin, so the Taxotere was different. To me, the Taxotere has been easier than the Taxol was. With the Taxol I would have leg pain for a few days after treatment. I didn't have any of that with this combination. I just finished 8 treatments, and my CA-125 is down to 15. My doctor said he won't hesitate to put me back on chemo if it goes back up to 30 or 35. As with my original chemo, I lost all of my hair. With this combination, you might as well say I went bald too, but I actually do have a head of stubble that is about 1/4" long, and maybe 1/2" long around my ears. ha Whose counting hairs, right? BonnieR or Mopar will be much better able to help you with your decision. I actually have had a fairly easy time with the chemotherapy as opposed to alot of the women here on CSN. Oh, and yes, my blood counts did get extremely low. But, they give you those Arnesp shots, and they seem to work. BonnieR is a huge success story for recurrence! I'm sure she will write you. We all pray for and encourage each other, so hang in there...MM

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MM is right! Bonnie has so much to share. But so does MM, as she has already shared with you. I too had a recurrnce this February, and started the original regimine from 2000 (carbo/taxol). But after the first treatment this time I had an allergic reaction to the taxol, so the doctor switched to taxotere (the synthetic version of taxol). There is not doubt I had some VERY unpleasant side affects. My blood pressure dropped dramatically low, I lost all sense of taste and got mouth sores, couldn't eat or drink much during the first 10 days after treatment so I relied on ice chips quite a bit. Of course, I lost my hair, brows, lashes, etc. I did not get the neuropathy as I did in 2000, so that was good. But I did have the body aches, muscle aches, weight gain, some hearing loss, my vision changed, and there's more, but I think that's enough. Don't get overwhelmed, as everyone is different.

My prayers are with you and hugs too - I just wish you didn't have to go through this again. But as MM said, we can encourage each other. Please keep in touch and let us know how it goes. If you want more info, even maybe some tips to manage with certain side affects, let me know. We're all happy to help.

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Hi Collin, sorry to hear of your recurrance. I am sure with such a wonderful remission the first time you'll be dancing with NED before you know it. My 2cent worth is that it seems woman get better results on Taxetere than the topotecan, but everyone is different. And you know the scoop on the side affects, both knock your blood counts down.

Regarding recurring cancer and success stories. I have been on chemo for almost 4 years and still here. To me that is a success. Mopar had a long remission and then recurred, MM just went through another treatment. All you have to do is read the board and you'll see many of us manage it and many have found another remission. Hopefully after my Dr appointment today I can say I am in remission. :-)

Keep us updated on how you are doing, many woman are here for you. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Bonnie, Have you been on chemo continuously for 4 years are had a break. Do you suffer all the symptoms for four years and did you ever get your hair back? What kind of treatment are you doing?

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