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Protocell & Pregnancy...

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I wasn't sure where to post this message, but I'll start here due to where my 'story' starts.

I carry HPV, which strand, I have no idea. Any way, fast forward to the OB/GYN....I've had abnornal paps in the past and would take Protocel before the Calpo and the results would come back 'normal'. Well, abnornal results came back again, but I didn't take the Protocel and the resluts showed 2 spots on my cervix. A biopsy was done to show a mild level of displasia. I realize this is not cancer, but a potential 'red flag' to cancer.

Before the biopsy a pregnancy test was done and my Dr. said it was negative. When I received my results the receptionist wanted to schedule a freezing of my cervix. I initallly scheduled for the freezing, but cancelled. I started taking Protocell again and started to seek a second opinion...mostly because my husband and I would like to start a family soon.

On a whim, I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I was shocked! 2 more tests later, still a positive result. I was taking Protocel for seven days, and didn't know I was pregnant. Obviously I stopped right away. According to my last cycle, I'm 5 weeks pregnant.

What I really want to know is, is there anyone out there that has mistakenly taken Protocel and was pregnant? And did it effect the baby?

Any advice and/or support is greatly appreciated!

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