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Twisted sister of Valerie C

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Hi everyone, I am the older and more beautiful sister of Valerie C. My name is Vanita O. There is another sister, Vanessa W.who will be joining us shortly. Valerie has told us about all you wonderful people, and it feels like home already. Reading your messages gives me so much HOPE for my mother. Thank you

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Well, you sound like a great addition to this group! Welcome. I hope ALL of you are well! Post often...Take care - Maura

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Joined: Oct 2006

We're Baaaaack

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O.K. Twisted sister, I saw your post. Older, yes! More beautiful? I don't think so. Going to bed. I love you and will see you at mom's tomorrow.

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Hi Vanita,

Sounds like you are a very close knit family. Reminds me a lot of my own family. I'm so glad that you found this site. There is a wealth of info. and support on this site which has been very helpful to me. You are in my prayers.

God bless,


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Hi Vanita!

Welcome to the Family!! You two sound like me and my sister. I always say the more the merrier! You know us gals (and some of the guys) love to chat. HUGS!

Lisa F.

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